Portrayed By Viggo Mortensen
Gender Male
Species The Devil
Date of Birth Creation
Occupation Don of Toronto
Known Relatives Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael
Significant Other None

Abaddon is the don of Toronto, leading the local mafia in all of its affairs, from his club, The Purgatory Bar.

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

In the beginning, as they say, there was God. There was also Death, but he would not have a part in what happened next until much later. For it was that God created the Heavens, the Universe, and all that he put forth was said to be good – of course, no one was around to disagree, so that seems like a moot arguing point. Until, that is, there were the angels. God’s creations, they were beautiful, righteous, and terrible; they did all that God needed them to, and they loved and were loved in return. And it has been said through some channels that the most loved and loving was the archangel, Lucifer. In a landscape of beautiful creatures, he was beautiful, a shining light. There was also his older brother, Michael, the perfect soldier, and the youngers: Gabriel, who told the good word, and Raphael, a doer and healer. They were a family, brothers under God, and the only ones who had looked upon their Father’s face.

Then God did something. He created humans. In a fit of creation, he made Adam and he made Eve, and he instructed his original creations, his beautiful angels, to bow down to these things made of flesh. Lucifer didn’t quite like this. In his mighty love and righteous pride, he refused to submit to creatures that were, in all ways, lesser than him and – more importantly – lesser than God, Himself.

In refusing, and the doubt in God’s wisdom that it created, Lucifer created a rift amongst the angels, some siding with him and others remaining true to their Father’s wishes. Lucifer went to his older brother and idol, to Michael, and asked that he support Lucifer in this crucial play; Michael refused. Brother was pitted up against brother. Turned away, Lucifer asked support next of his younger brother and protégé, of Gabriel, but could gain no commitment. It was obvious where Raphael stood.


So it was that Lucifer was doled out his punishment; his own brother cast him out of Heaven in a great smiting that plummeted all of those that had been on his side.

But, as it turns out, despite what Christianity would have you believe, God was not the only God; he was merely Yahweh, a god amongst others. And he was breaking their rules. Lucifer remained in his Hell until the pantheons came down on Yahweh, putting him, fittingly, in his own time-out for violating the rules by letting his demigod announce himself, and for trying to turn the power in Christianity's favor. It was then that Lucifer was invited back out to walk amongst the mortals, instead of just influencing them with his power from afar. He took the opportunity, setting up an operation of demons, who disguise themselves as a mafia in order to enact Lucifer's tests as he's allowed within his own set of rules: tempt the humans, without interference, as much as he wants, in order to prove free will wrong.

And if You Fall as Lucifer Fell


Just Call Me Lucifer, as I'm in Need of Some Restraint


The Devil holds many powers, several cataloged in scripture, but the true extent remains unknown. Amongst his tales, he has been witnessed to change his form in order to tempt man, to see inside a being's thoughts and desires, to have preternatural physical abilities and strength, and to travel great distances in no time. He knows when he is being spoken about or thought of. And, while he may be Fallen, he remains an Archangel, with all of the entitlements therein; though none have had the privilege of laying eyes on his wings in this century or the one before.


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✙ Abaddon is as tattooed as the rest of his legions. A demon's tattoos are what keeps him tied to his flesh-and-blood body on earth. The longer that he exists out of Hell, the more his body starts to peel and crack, unless he gets another tattoo; this effect happens sooner for more powerful demons, as their essence is far more difficult to contain. A demon's age and strength can be surmised from the number of his tattoos. Abaddon does not appear to suffer from the same peeling and cracking, so his tattoos may be purely visual; a note of camaraderie.

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