How Cases Work

Getting A Case From C.H.A.R.L.I.E.

"Any ACRU unit, Code 3 to a 415."

If a call comes in from C.H. and someone's in a car nearby, they can respond. When SWAT isn't training or on-scene, they can serve as patrol units. Otherwise, those other patrols that have agreed to respond to these calls will arrive on-scene in order to assess the situation and then call the appropriate ACRU Captain. The Captain will then decide which team to send (if there are multiple available). That team will be called and head to the scene. On paper, this is how it's supposed to go. With ACRU so new and so small, this is not always the case and officers are used to answering C.H.'s radios themselves.

If it's a SWAT call, the SWAT team assesses if they can take it, then immediately mobilizes.

A few times, in the past, C.H.'s been able to anticipate violence using its trigger words and known criminals. These calls are also SWAT's responsibility if they are deemed likely.

Very rarely, C.H. has what Ramsay calls "algorithm lapses", causing the machine to spit out random or illogical data in order to clear out the code. Other officers have referred to this as C.H.A.R.L.I.E "working things out".

Getting A Case From Another Bureau

"No accelerant on scene? Roll ACRU."

Once in a while, a seemingly unrelated case will turn out to have abilities involved and the previous bureau investigating will turn over their files to an ACRU team. Also once in a while, other bureaus will bounce obnoxious or particularly odd cases over to Abilities Crimes just because they don't want to deal with them, claiming very thin reasoning for abilities, if any at all.

This also occurs with the SWAT side, when LA County's SWAT arrives on-scene only for their suspect to then pull out a fancy lights display. ACRU SWAT is then mobilized, and issued command (theoretically).

Cold Cases

With abilities and their scope now coming into play, a few have taken interest in examining previously thought unsolvable cases with a new, anything is possible, lens. ACRU currently does not have the manpower to create a third unit within itself, but the push could definitely exist. (Interested in creating a character with this goal? It's open!)

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