ACRU Roster

The Team


The Captains:

acru_captaingideon.jpg acru_captainnick.jpg
NA: Capt. Gideon Ramsay
AB: -
POS: Captain of Tactical Solutions
NA: Capt. Nicholas Shea
AB: Telepathy
POS: Captain of Strategic Planning

The Officers:

acru_kev.jpg acru_val2.jpg acru_angela.jpg
NA: SWAT Off. Kevin Parrish
AB: Enhanced Physical Capability
POS: Weapons
NA: SWAT Off. Valerie Arrow
AB: Telescopic Vision/Perfect Aim
POS: Sniper
NA: SWAT Off. Angela King
AB: -
POS: Negotiator
acru_cole.jpg acru_race.jpg acru_jack.jpg
NA: SWAT Off. Cole Redding
AB: -
POS: Spotter
NA: SWAT Off. Mortimer "Race" Barnes
AB: Superspeed
POS: Scouter
NA: Off. Jacqueline "Jack" Carter
AB: Phasing
POS: Patrol

The Investigators:

acru_andrew.jpg acru_archie.jpg acru_liza.jpg
NA: Det. Andrew Webber
AB: -
POS: Detective Team One (A)
NA: Det. Archibald Ross
AB: Photographic Memory
POS: Detective Team One (A)
NA: Det. Liza Sloan
AB: Toxin Resistance
POS: Detective Team Two
NA: Det. Eric Whelan
AB: Emotional Clairvoyance
POS: Detective Team Two

The Crime Scene Investigators:

acru_harry.jpg acru_ronny2.jpg
NA: CSI Harriet "Harry" Parker
AB: -
POS: Investigator
NA: CSI Veronika "Ronny" Stephens
AB: -
POS: Intern/Lab Tech

The Support:

acru_callie.jpg acru_josh.jpg acru_dale.jpg
NA: Dr. Callie Holt
POS: Medical Examiner
NA: Mr. Josh Young
POS: Civilian Coroner
NA: Dr. Madeline "Dale" Sheldon
AB: Unk.
POS: Ability Researcher/Tester

The Dweebs:

ia_alvin.jpg acru_daniel2.jpg
NA: Agent Alvin Drake
AB: -
POS: Internal Affairs
NA: Dr. Daniel Lewis
AB: Unlisted
POS: The Doctor Forensic Psychologist

The Slime:

NA: Lucy Vega
AB: -
POS: Junior Associate

The Independents:

acru_patrick.jpg acru_violet.jpg
NA: Patrick Gamble
AB: Fog Generation
POS: Private Investigator
NA: Violet Stocker
AB: Unk.
POS: Tattoo Artist
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