Crime-Stopper Technology


The Communication Hardware for Ability Response Live Intervention Engine is an invention of Captain Ramsay's, located in the sub-basement of the ACRU floors. A partially aware computer, it attempts to use programmed algorithms to determine when ability crime has taken place. It also has a secondary function as the department's dispatch radio, filtering cases it believes to be significant onto the frequency as well as relaying messages from other units. C.H. has helped keep the most bodies on cases, instead of having to rely on someone being in the station to man all the phones. However, it's understood that the machine is not infallible; it can only identify certain 'trigger' words that have been programmed into it.

The sub-basement where C.H. is kept is considered out of bounds for anyone except Ramsey, who tends to the care of the machine.

C.H.A.R.L.I.E.'s voice has male qualities.


Delegated to a bunch of hand-me-downs, ACRU's gear isn't exactly state-of-the-art, but it does its job— when it doesn't have to stand up to extreme abilities. There's clearly a gaping need for the equipment to catch up to the demand.

  • Body Armor (Tactical Vest / Kevlar Helmet)
  • Weapons (AR-15 Rifles/Benelli Shotguns, semi-automatic/MP-5, sub-machine gun/.45 Handgun/.308 Sniper (Tactical) Rifle)
  • Tactical Equipment (K-9/Air/Gas Mask/Communications/Surveillance/Breaching)
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