Adrienne Bailey
Adrienne Bailey
Portrayed By Keri Russell
Fable Hansel and Gretel
Date of Birth 2199
Age 36
Occupation ???
Status Sleeping

O"Don't worry! If they do leave us in the forest, we'll find the way home."


Hansel and Gretel got lost in the forest,
It was so dark and so bitterly cold.
They came to a fine little gingerbread house.
Who could be the lord of this little house?

Witches, forests, and houses made entirely of candy made Hansel and Gretel child heroes to all who heard the tales of the Brothers Grimm, but did the fiction at all mirror the truth?

Bad Briesig Germany, 1498

Yoo-hoo! Here comes an old witch!
She lures the children into the gingerbread house.
She appears quite friendly, but oh Hansel, what trouble!
She wants to bake them as brown as bread in the oven.

Name: Margarete 'Gretel' Kappel
Born: Bad Briesig, Germany, 1500
Died: January 1, 1520

So much to explore, so little time. As teens cast off from their parents because they couldn't be fed, explorers Hansel and Gretel took to the seas. The siblings spent their time as cabin boys (yes, Gretel did dress like a boy) to stow away aboard a vessel bound for exploration and treasure.

But the crew had other plans. Many cared not for their captain choosing to mutiny. Pandemonium broke loose on the vessel, but the cabin boys managed to leave in a life raft bound for a (relatively) close island— their wit serving as their only weapon for some time. Weeks passed while Hansel and Gretel regrouped, managing to find some of their own buried treasure. With their spoils in tow, the pair rowed back towards the ship. Perhaps they could appease the victor?

But the ship was empty. Completely empty. What luck!!! The ghost ship became comandeered by the pair and their adventures began. The pair sailed to and fro, finding what they could, and eventually hiring a master swordsman at port to take with on their travels. He taught them how to fight, when to surrender, and different piracy techniques.

As time passed, they managed to accumulate a crew of their own, and became pirates in their own right, pillaging and taking what they wanted when they wanted it. They were well known for their coy style. And their egotistical attitudes. The pair began what could only be described as a thug life. Decadence in every way. And why not? There was no treasure they couldn't take. And no town they couldn't pillage.

Which is when it happened. The dare. It pushed them beyond the brink. The treasure they sought was cursed, owned by a witch.

Haughty attitudes caught the pair, and they longed for the spoils, for the notoriety.


But when the witch looks into the oven,
She was pushed by Hansel and little Gretel.
The witch must bake, the children return home.
Now, the tale of Hansel and Gretel is over.

Name: Christianne Harding
Born: January 1, 1845
Died: January 1, 1875


Historical Amnesia


Thanks to the loss of fairytales in the early 1900s to 2235, Jasper has no memory of his life, or what happened 'in between'.

Chicago, 2235


Name: Adrienne Bailey
Born: September 1, Chicago



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