Amity Rey
Portrayed By Jessica Brown Findlay
Gender Female
Parentage Eris
Alignment ???
Date of Birth 1989
Age 24
Mission ???
Known Relatives Dead
Significant Other None

Some people wander because they're looking for something; others wander because they have nowhere else to go.


There was something oddly normal, routinized, and structured about Donald Rey. In every respect Donald lived a life of rhythm. He was a British accountant. Lived everyday the same as the last. And had this extremely ordered, extremely structured life. And then she stepped into his life. And interrupted everything. She seemed to come from nowhere, and into nowhere she disappeared two weeks after the affair had begun.

Several months later she drifted back with an even more jarring interruption: a baby girl. Donald's baby girl. And through circumstances Amity never knew, Donald took full responsibility for his daughter. He'd never share stories of her mother, would never talk about her, and when pressed would find excuses to disappear.

Amity lived a fairly normal life, and grew up in a very normal household. It was her father and her, looking out for each other. That is, until she entered her teens. And then it was like someone had flipped a switch. Amity rebelled at every corner. She insisted on dressing in black, often came home from 'school' on the back of some young man's motorcycle, and listened religiously to Death Metal.

Her rebellion came to a halt when her father passed, quite unexpectedly in a car crash on Amity's seventeenth birthday. She settled somewhat, and aimed to be who her father wanted her to be. She lived with her grandparents, her father's parents, while she finished high school and started university. University was normal. She started in accounting and moved into psychology after her first semester. Shortly after she turned nineteen, when both of them, quite unexpectedly passed away in another car crash.

With all of the death in her life, Amity made a choice. She would restart her life somewhere else. Somewhere different. She dropped out of school and began travelling, knowing full-well that on her 25th birthday she would receive her father and grandparents' estates in trust.

Which is why she travelled and worked wherever home happened to be for the night. She travelled to Morocco and Kenya. Egypt and Greece. Belize and Bermuda. Anywhere that had any allure invited her to visit. And now she's in Canada. Exploring and wandering for no reason aside from the desire to wander.

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Daughter of Eris, the Greek goddess of Discord

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Monkey See, Monkey Do Amity is a ridiculous fast-learner of motion. As such she picks up martial arts and dance far quicker than most. She has enhanced muscle memory and learns faster than most.
What Doesn't Kill Me… When caught in conflict of any kind, Amity's muscles become strengthened. Her body feeds off discord and negativity, thereby strengthening her when these things are present.
"I'm very bendy" Amity has superhuman flexibility and agility. She was made for war and conflict.
Fight or Flight Adrenaline amps up each of Amity's abilities, and standing in conflict only increases each of the above. Harmony does little to help her abilities.
Feelings Amity also has an extreme form of empathy. She taps into emotions in ways she can't quite understand.


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