Andrew Cayden Webber

"Your shoes really don't go with the rest of the ensemble. Just sayin'."

Casting: Eion Bailey
Date of Birth: April 24, 1977
Age: 36
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Occupation: Detective
Ability: SHOES
Registration Status: ☐UN ☒REG
Theme Song: "The Dog is Mine" by K-OS

Andrew Webber is his family's disappointment as a fourth generation police officer. His first betrayal was when he took an assignment in California. His second when he transferred from Homicide to the ACRU. His mother constantly makes excuses for him to everyone they know saying he walks to the beat of a different drum. He'd deny that and say that he dances instead. His interests include fashion (he really enjoys the cut of a good suit when he can wear it), music, dancing, and food (including cooking). Because of his varied interests and easy going nature, Andrew is a natural negotiator. His overly honest attitude and calmness can make him seem ne're do well, but he cares more deeply than he lets on.


Andrew is a blue blood. He grew up around police stations, had many talks about police stations and cases as a child, and disappointed his parents when he enlisted in the army immediately following graduation instead of enrolling at the nearest police academy. After three years of service, he joined the New York police academy and completed his training to become a beat cop for the NYPD. He quickly moved up the ranks of the police service, and after groans of favortism from his colleagues began to wonder about his own qualifications and abilities.

In numerous incidents he proved a capable hostage negotiator, and proved to himself that he was capable of being an excellent law enforcement officer.

He moved to California for very specific reasons that he refuses to get into with his colleagues or his family for that matter. The move meant leaving his NYPD homicide detective position for very different pastures, namely the ACRU, a move that he welcomed with open arms.


  • Notable IC events.


  • "Memorable quotes!"


  • Andrew has a deep love of shoes and has a collection that could rival any shoe-a-holic woman. He has a particular love for high end Adidas that act more like art than footwear ("But they're comfortable too! It's like a two-for wearable art. Imagine the possibilities.")
  • He is very proud of his gold winged Adidas, pictured below ("They're Hermes' shoes!")
  • Andrew is chaotic good —
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