Angelica Killjoy
Angelica Killjoy
Portrayed By Kaya Scodelario
Gender Female
Species Harpy
Date of Birth ??
Age ??
Occupation None
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None

Angelica Killjoy lives in exile from her harpy flock, in the city, scraping by for a meager living, and just trying to move on and get used to being alone.

This Is War

Communes of harpies are often in systems of caves, or hidden deep within ravines, where they are difficult to stumble upon, and even harder to enter due to the number of booby-traps awaiting any unwitting traveler. Using these holes as ground zero, they radiate out from there in flocks, moving into the city long enough to strike several targets for burglary, then returning home with the spoils. While plaguing towns, or busy highways, some flocks create unbridled chaos, but most carefully calculate their attacks in order to not too far rile up the law and cause anyone to come looking for them to strike back. This way, they can prey off of one location for a long time, striking and retreating, and keeping to their territory.

Leadership in these flocks is determined an inch by bloodline, and the rest by strength. A royal harpy could easily lose her place if she could not hold herself in battle. Rule is quickly overthrown; though, when lesser harpies try and take over, it usually turns into an all-out squabble that could ruin the flock, as no one more powerful harpy would be able to rise above the others. Having a minor stake in this bloodline was Killjoy, though less than the full blood of her cousin, and mate, Killspree. A strong pair, they ran raids together, and indulged in the gratuitous but highly strategic lifestyle of a harpy.

But during one of these raids, swollen with bloodlust and baubles, Killspree started a scuffle with another of the flock, Anarchy, a royal blood, and killed her. Killings were not so uncommon amongst harpies, as hot-blooded as they were, but if Killspree were punished for the affair, then they would be down two royals, and certainly a few of the others would attempt an uprising for higher power. Knowing that a civil war could easily end a flock, Killjoy suggested they lie, and when they returned to the canary, Killspree did — she fingered Killjoy as the killer. As a lesser of the blood, Killjoy was set to be punished, and that would be that, but, fearing her pair might eventually try and retaliate, Killspree convinced the others that the young harpy be put through the gauntlet.

Gauntlet: a harpy's final justice; the accused would have to survive a fight with every member of the flock, where survival meant immediate exile, never to be acknowledged by the flock again. Struck, cut, bled, and beaten by every being she'd ever thought of as a sister and ally, Killjoy crawled out of the final encounter — alive… branded. Exiled. She dragged herself into the city to lick her wounds, and discover if she even has a life outside of the flock.

The Pariah


A Lady's Priorities


Cousin, pair-bond, lover. Betrayer. The one that sent Killjoy into exile, merely out of her own fear and lack of trust in the one who was closest to her.


Another royalty within the flock, Anarchy was killed by Killspree's hand, then the blood smeared onto Killjoy's. It is through Anarchy's death that Killjoy was exiled.

Harpy Is As Harpy Does

Reek of Death Because they are so often feeding on corpses, harpies smell very, very poorly. The ones who live in communes outside of the city especially do not bother with hygiene, and a harpy can be identified very quickly on approach if you recognize the smell of fetid material. Many who interact more with humans, or do not want to leave a trace, wear heavy perfumes or scented oils to hide this putrid odor.
Sing the Song to End The World Like their siren relations, harpies possess entrancing singing voices; music is the one art that they have the capacity to enjoy, and their singing captivates their targets, putting them into a defenseless trance, or leading the victim to approach the harpy ensnaring them. In turn, a harpy's war shriek is terrible and inspires fear in any creature that hears the cry.
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Harpies can sense the fear of the beings around them, and revel in it— feed off of it. They prefer to eat creatures that are sentient enough to have this fearful anticipation, and will often torture or prolong the feeding in order to really draw the emotion out. Though, if they feel that prolonging will put them in danger, then a harpy will not hesitate to quickly end a fight; they are not over-confident, but clever.
What Big Teeth You Have Harpies' teeth are longer and sharper than a human's, born from their nature of eating whatever they can get their claws on, and tearing apart animal or human prey. Their digestive systems allow them to snack on raw and even decaying flesh without trouble, and sometimes harpies can even eat metals and other hard materials, though this offers no nutrition and is only used in battles to demoralize opponents when they gnaw off the point of someone's sword.
Fight or Flight In emergencies, a harpy's wings will erupt out of their back. Only in emergencies, as this is an extremely painful and bloody experience where the wings must break through the flesh of their back and release. In flight, a harpy is strong enough to carry both herself and a prey her weight or slightly larger. When their wings are inside their bodies, harpies experience enhanced speed and agility.
Ate My Manicurist Their clawed feet are the only part that harpies cannot hide behind humanoid bodies, forcing them to wear large shoes when they wear any at all, and constantly tearing through pairs with their razor-sharp nails. Harpies can retract these claws, to a limited extent, in order to walk on material without always cutting and getting caught on it.
Have a Piece Of Me Harpies are shedders. Some have feathers, and some have down, across their bodies, but they all leave a bit of it behind every day to muck up the carpets.

Shiny Baubles


✙ Harpies are massive hoarders, and, while stripped of all her belongings when she was kicked out, it isn't taking Angelica long to rebuild her messy home.

✙ She got the name 'Angelica' off of a driver's license she stole; it was the first one she could find.

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