Annabelle Neely
Annabelle Neely
Portrayed By Shannyn Sossamon
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 15th, 1987
Age 26
Occupation Toronto Police Constable, 4th Class
Known Relatives Blaine Neely: father, convicted serial killer at 49 proven or confessed rape-murders, Vivian Neely: mother, former travel expert now street psychic.
Significant Other None

Anna Neely is a capable constable within the Toronto law enforcement services, but she's often relegated to time-wasting jobs, being the 'bait' of undercover stings, and cultivating assets within prostitution rings — which typically means dressing up like one, herself.


Annabelle's French mother had already backpacked through much of Canada and some of the States before she eventually settled with family in Toronto, planning only a small hiatus from her adventures. Her plans were violently cut short when she was grabbed, raped, and left for dead by an unknown assailant. Unlike several bodies found before her, Vivian survived the attack. Not only did she become reclusive for month afterward to recover from the trauma, but she discovered she was pregnant with her attacker's child. Attempting to get her life together for the sake of the child — which she'd decided to keep — Vivian met and began a relationship with Blaine Neely, who proved more than willing to try and be a father to the baby. Vivian and Blaine married, and Annabelle was born.


When convicted serial rapist and killer Blaine Neely was caught, it was not the result of years of dogged police work — though Toronto Law Enforcement put in many hours on the trail of this wicked killer. For reasons unknown, the long-time criminal came out to his family, one sunny day in the summer of 1998, explaining that he had 'raped a couple women' but it was over. At the time, he was holding 21-year-old Jennifer Dorner, who he had already attacked, and who would've been body number 50 if Neely hadn't been turned in by his fifteen-year-old daughter.

Chillers and Killers

For the next few years, the Neely family was dogged by reporters and novelists wanting to go deeper into the story. Annabelle shut them down, and Vivian had begun to slide off the deep end — into religion, psychic healing, and other extreme beliefs. She would later confess to her daughter that she knew Blaine was the man who'd raped her shortly after "meeting" him, but she'd kept up the facade because of the belief that his return was a sign that he truly cared about her. School became rocky for Annabelle and for a couple brief years she attempted to go by a different name, but eventually accepted her identity.

After graduation, she applied to the Toronto Police College, where she was proficient, eager, and keen-eyed. She went from Police Cadet to 4th Class Constable with a bright future. But a peer prank outed her and, though she hadn't been deliberately hiding her heritage from her fellows, attitudes seemed to change as if she had. Even with the likelihood of ever achieving much in her position low, Annabelle works hard at what jobs she's given — mostly those that involve dressing as a prostitute on a corner and luring targets into police stings.


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General Weapons Proficiency The ability to handle, fire, clean, and disarm, a wide range of licensed firearms.
Investigation She has basic constable training in handling and investigating crime scenes. Despite being given little chance, she's shown herself to be very keen with details.
Police Vehicle Driving Capable of handling each brand of police vehicle, including in a chase, if necessary.
Undercover Training Being constantly used as bait at least keeps her skills at blending and remaining under a false identity sharp.
Bi-Lingual She's listed as speaking fluent French and English. French was often spoken at home with her mother.


  • She stands at 5'8".
  • Is a Buddhist.
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