Argo Business Corp.

The Argo Business Corp., beneath its mortal appearance, serves as a place of gathering for those extremely rare Argonauts who have taken up the mantle on their own merits, or those not assigned to a demigod out in the field. The business of import/export extends to their place of assisting gods; they work a system of moving godly items and weapons around, either for safe storage, or to deliver one of these gifts to a demigod when the god-parent in question does not wish to be seen. Many also watch appointed demigods from afar, inserting themselves discreetly into the person's life in order to keep tabs. Beneath the exporting business floor, and the personal offices, there lies a training center where Argonauts keep fit in the use of various weapons and wards against magic.

If a godly artifact has been lost or is rumored to be out in the world, unprotected, it is an Argonaut's job to go and hunt it down, often in teams or pairs.

Though they are well-trained, Argonauts are not authorized to go on monster hunts on their own. They must be in the presence of a demigod. Their official area of expertise is in items, moving those items, and general support.


Name Position Patron Assignment
Anthony Cooper Deliveryman/Agent N/A Keep an eye on Aster and intercept any arriving packages.
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