Aster Woodhouse
Portrayed By Laura Allen
Gender Female
Parentage Loki; The Aesir
Alignment Light
Date of Birth 1978
Age 35
Occupation Bartender (The Green Room, evenings), Waitress (Avenue Open Kitchen, days)
Known Relatives Chase (son); Loki (father)
Significant Other None/Widow


Aster is the daughter of Loki, the misunderstood, mischievous and meddlesome trickster god. Loki was, long ago, hidden away and chained to a rock, bound by vengeful Thor for all of his wrongdoings to his fellow Aesir, and so it was meant to be until Ragnarok, the end of the gods, the height of the war when a new age is ushered in. However, as the centuries went on, Loki would trick his way out of captivity ever-so-often and slip into the world of humans, circuitously building his resources and an army in the hopes of changing his fate — to fall along with Heimdall, as destined — before once again being bound and captive by Aesir law. It was during one such escapade that Aster was conceived, born to be an ally and faithful exponent of her father out in the world, fighting the war against the Dark and changing fate. A leader; one of his revolutionaries.

Yet Aster has not embraced her so-called purpose; how can she fight for a strange, faraway father she's never met? She grew up with very little, and works for just enough to afford the essentials. She was raised by a single mom, and now she is one; her husband died shortly after their marriage and the birth of their child. She's had her fair share of struggles already in life, andall she wanted to do was quietly live her life, not a fan of drawing attention or even accomplishment to herself, a life that was, up until recently, completely and utterly unconnected — as far as she knew — from the battles of gods. Down to earth and no-fuss, with a dislike for unnecessary complications, her life was nevertheless interrupted by the machinations of Loki from afar in the form of his enchanted (some may say tricked) followers; now hers, too. First, they positioned themselves into the Aster's life — that of normal human struggle, a single mother with maxed out credit cards, working odd jobs — to help her without revealing their purpose, disguising them as random acts of kindness, turns of luck, new bosses, new friends. When she gradually caught on that this group of new people in her life were not only connected to each other, but near-obsessively connected to her, Aster was spooked, and more than a little angry; she tried to run them off. The effort did not work, and the followers revealed their true plans to Aster — to lead her to a gift from her father, the Norse god Loki, and onto the path of embracing her true power — and she in turn revealed that she thought they were all collectively candidates for the psych ward.

Bit by bit, however, the followers opened Aster up to the fact that there is more in the world than most people are privy to. Gods, goddesses, demigods and powers that seem like magic. They also confessed that they had already exposed Aster to a Blessing from her father that triggered her demigod nature. Like it or not, surrounded by the knowledge of real gods and fighting with her strange emerging — and still emerging — abilities, she became a part of that world. She went along to a point, in that she officially choose the side of Light, but has tried to cut off the followers, shunning their help, and is attempting to make her own path; whatever that is, it's hers to figure out. She keeps her head down and out of the affairs of the gods — Light or Dark — as much as she possibly can.

Although she chose a side, Aster is seen as a bit of an unknown factor by the Aesir due to being aligned with Loki by measure of being born at all, some believing she will help him or take on his meddling ways; some say she should be eradicated entirely lest she interfere, while others believe she could be a useful ally. So far, Aster is most concerned with paying her bills through human means and protecting her son.



Loki's godly powers range from the fiery to the mischievous and sly. What's been passed down through his bloodline to this particular daughter of his? She tries not to engage the demigodly changes her body tries to make. Right now, Aster's emerging powers are subtle enough that, by being careful, she keeps them held back and out of sight most of the time without needing to implore the assistance of anyone in the know.

However, that only applies to the aspect of her power she's aware of at all. You see, Aster also has the power to influence people's perception … not necessarily in her favour, in its currently uncontrolled state. The longer someone spends in Aster's company, talking and interacting with her over time, the more they — including demigods like her, unless they have a particular resistance — are affected by her ability of mental trickery without her knowing. Touch strengthens and speeds up the influence more directly. What happens, quite simply, is this: people hear what they want to hear from Aster, based on what they want, believe, or truly desire from the situation in that moment. She may say one thing while they hear something else entirely, right down to seeing her speak the words.


Working and Hardly - 01 Jul 2013 05:50

  • Introducing: Aster's first weekend on the new job, and the amazing support she gets from her...

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  • She lives in the basement level of a house on Euclid, off Queen Street West, with one roommate who babysits her toddler son Chase when she's working. Which is a lot of the time.
  • She's a college drop-out.
  • Due to her parentage, Aster is technically the half-sister of the Dark goddess Hel, as well as the monster Jörmungandr and the giant beast-wolf Fenrir.

Aster: A Playlist

Poppy -- "Animal (Miike Snow Cover)"

Then I stopped dreaming

Now I'm supposed to fill it up with something, something something

In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody I knew before, long, long long ago

But I'm still trying to make my mind up, am I free or am I tied up?

I change shapes just to hide in this place but I'm still, I'm still, an animal

Nobody knows it but me when I slip, yeah, I slip, I'm still an animal

Egypt Central -- "White Rabbit"

We follow like Alice

And just keep diving down the hole

I won't be pushed aside

I will be heard

I will get what I want, what I deserve

Elliott Smith -- "Between the Bars"

Drink up with me now and forget all about the pressure of days

Do what I say and I'll make you okay and drive them away

Matt Corby -- "My False"

There's a guilty weight on my conscience

Of all my wrongful deeds

It's time to reconcile, it's time to reconcile

Oh if I walk into the darkness I'll be lost

If I try to stay the light will show my false

Neko Case -- "Things That Scare Me"

Blackbirds frying on a wire

Same birds that followed me to school when I was young

Were they trying to tell me something?

Were they telling me to run?

Marina & the Diamonds -- "Mowgli's Road"

I have been sold (I have been sold)

That I must taken the unforsaken road (forsaken road)

There's a fork in the road

I'll do as I am told

And I don't know, don't know, don't know, don't, don't

Who I wanna be!

Florence + the Machine -- "Lover to Lover"

Going from road to road

Bed to bed,

Lover to lover,

Black to red,

But I believe, I believe,

There's no salvation for me now,

No space above the clouds…

And I feel I'm heading down…

But that's alright, that's alright, that's alright, that's alright!

Lynx -- "Tricksters and Fools"

This road is paved with tricksters and fools

Oh, deceivers

The gravel's loose so tighten up your shoes

We're all saints and non-believers

A miracle in one hand

And the other holds a ball and chain

First Aid Kit -- "Wolf"

Wolf mother, where you been?

You look so worn, so thin

You're a taker, devil's maker

Let me hear you say hey ya hey ya

Wolf father, at the door

You don't smile anymore

You're a drifter, a shapeshifter

Let me see you run, hey ya hey ya

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