"Clearly you cannot be suggesting what I think you are suggesting. The madness will not stand. The chaos will not consume all that we are. This too soon shall pass."

Casting: Helen Mirren
Gender: Female
Age: 65
Place of Birth: Achillea
Occupation: Senator to the Outer Realm

Auros Nooru is a wearied Senator instated by the New Republic to mitigate continued peace in the outer realms following the fall of the Galactic Empire.


Auros Formoe has a rather conflicted history that incorporates different accounts of lives passed. Some suggest that she adds an element of consistency from the world past. Yet others suggest her purpose is to destabilize the New Republic.

From a young age, Auros was trained to be a diplomat. Her manner of speech, dress, and very conduct were very purposefully created. The Senate was pleased to have her come to their ranks at a young age, and saw her continue her role as Senator until the dissolution of the Senate.

But even the dissolution of her beloved Senate wouldn't stop Auros's diplomacy. Underneath a totalitarian regime, she served as a sort of communicator between the Empire and her people, even as a woman. Because of her cooperation with the Empire, many question her loyalties, but her devotion to bureaucracy and due process remain beyond reproach.


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Story Points — GM Knowledge (Can include open ended points/questions)

  • Managed to live through different incarnations of galactic government
  • Has a family with whom she has no contact
  • Has ties to the former Empire thanks to her communications with them; some saw her as an ally, others little more than a pet
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