Ava Landala

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Casting: Alaina Huffman
Gender: Feale
Age: 33
Place of Birth: PLANET
Occupation: Imperial Captain

Ava Landala is a capable captain and pilot in the remnants of Imperial Navy. Her persecution as a female in the ranks has never affected her dedication to the cause.


A career Imperial, like her father before her — who wanted a son to take on his name and rank — Landala was capable but never made it past captain. She's an excellent pilot and is experienced in larger vessels as well as the Imperial TIE fighters.

Landala firmly and unwaveringly believes in a unified and controlled universe, as she believes that the majority of humanity is simply unequipped and incapable of taking care of itself: it needs a firm hand, for its own good. While she hasn't always agreed with all of her superior officers, she's always obeyed orders, and knows that the Empire has been the closet to what the galaxy needs so far. This Alliance is weak and based on ridiculous standards that no race will be able to live up to.


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