Bo Guernsey
Le Valle
Portrayed By Joshua Jackson
Gender Male
Species Barghest
Date of Birth Ago
Occupation Author
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None

Bo Guernsey aka Le Valle exists as a rumor across Toronto's supernatural channels. If he's truly a barghest, then what is he doing outside his territory? But his knowledge of current events truly is flawless.


The British-dependent Channel of Guernsey, as legend goes, houses two black dog apparitions: the headless Tchico supposed to be the spirit of a hanged Bailiff, and tchen Bodu, whose appearance foretold the death of the seer or someone close to them. Recent events have suggested a disturbance in the islands, with neither apparition seeming to appear any longer — ever since that group of tourists got into that terrible accident near the old castle.

Only Bo knows that those tourists were hunters, having braved a plan to finally secure themselves the legendary pelt of a Barghest, hoping it would imbue them with the same deathly qualities of foresight. They went after his brother, Tchico, and succeeded in trapping the headless spectre dog, after which they sat vigil to wait until the sun broke and their prize would no longer be invulnerable. But when the rays hit the cliff-face, Tchico vanished. The others were ready to give up, but their leader, working an intuition, ordered everyone to stay perfectly still. They kept watch throughout the entire day. As the sun died over the horizon, Tchico began to appear — becoming visible as he transformed. Sensing that this was the creature's sole vulnerable moment, as it transcended into its spectre form, the hunters attacked and skinned the beast.

However their swollen egos would not let them see the danger. As they fought over who would get to use their prize pelt, it sang of death. To them, Bo appeared, slaughtering the ones holding the prize and then escaping with his brother's skin. He has since always been escaping them, wary of hunters; the only Barghest to have left his ancient hunting grounds, in order to protect both his brother's skin and his own.

But curiosity is hard to entirely escape. Rumors in Toronto will point the most persistent to him as a source of information, and trade. As long as you're willing to face what he may have to tell you.




Under the penname "Le Valle", Bo is the author of a very popular series of ladies' romance novels. Sticking to "bodice rippers", he's so far avoided the current trend of inserting hunky creatures of the night into the stories: no vampires, no tortured souls — except those who own large castles and can't get over past loves until the feisty female lead comes into the picture.

Le Valle publishes under his own company, though has occasionally done guest pieces for other businesses. Unlike other authors, he remains reclusive and unseen, never attending signings or agreeing to interviews. He conducts his business from his office/home.

Sign of the Beast

As a Barghest, Bo's natural form consists of a ferocious, bear-sized black dog with claws even a demigod or Titan should fear, as a barghest's able to gain strength from devouring his prey. They are known as great oracles, able to smell and indicate death in a manner that is a great envy of others, arriving sometimes as terrible omens, as bringers of death, and as peerless protectors. No one's ever been able to harm a barghest while it is in its spectral dog form, and one has never been outed using a human shape. They are nocturnal hunters, appearing only at night.

Deathgaze By looking into someone's eyes, Bo can sense the death closest to them, whether it is their own, or a person dear to them: whichever will happen first. He can also appear in front of someone who is about to die, able to hone in on their smell of death as they start to cross over.
Feeding Frenzy A barghest feeds on his fallen enemies, knowing no other source of sustenance, and needing none. When gorged, the beast becomes larger, faster, and able to resist abilities related to those of whomever he ate.


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