Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk

"Well, this all looks… horrible."

Casting: Mark Ruffalo
Place of Birth: Dayton, Ohio
Education: Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Height 5'8" (Banner), 8'7" (Hulk)

Dr. Bruce Banner is a mild-mannered scientist who was hired to replicate the Super Solider for the US army. But, with a high exposure of gamma-radiation instead of vita rays, turns into an uncontrolled green-skinned rage monster known as the Hulk. Now, fearful of the damage that the Hulk could inflict, Dr. Banner chooses to live a discreet life in remote parts of the world, working to cure the sick and help the poor while trying to elude those who would take advantage of his ability to change into the enormous, green menace.


The transformation from Bruce Banner to The Hulk seems to take varied amounts of time, depending on the situation, and Bruce's attempts to control the effect. When he is in danger or stressed out, Bruce will involuntarily transform, leading him to take an anti-zen approach to the situation: always be angry, so that the increased adrenaline won't sneak up on him. However, this is often immaterial in life-or-death cases when the base instinct of The Hulk takes over — including when Bruce attempts to harm his own self, showing that the transformation can be as quick as seconds if the danger requires.



Reportedly, Banner's intelligence is so great it cannot be measured by any test. He is a genius in nuclear physics, as well as occasional inventor. When he Hulks out, Banner's intellect is suppressed with the rest of his mind, but there are hints that he is able to slightly restrain the Hulk's brute force, never enabling his green personality to reach its fullest potential. The break in personalities is straining on Banner's mind, boding perhaps more complicated issues in the future.

Banner has the normal strength of a regular, middle-aged man who does not engage in regular exercise.

The Hulk


The Hulk's strength increases with his rage and is, therefore, immeasurable and unstoppable. Starting at 100 tons and reaching undefined levels, his strength allows him to perform impossible feats, as well as leap great distances, and survive massive attacks. Normal materials cannot dent the Hulk's skin; he's proven to have survived bullets, explosives, falls from great heights, extreme pressures, and weather.

Due to his rage, and the schism of minds, The Hulk has extreme resistance to psychic control and probing.

Like his strength, this increases exponentially as he angers. Unhindered, The Hulk may be able to last days, also able to maintain himself with little sustenance.

Advanced Healing
As if he needed any help not getting injured at this point.


  • Bruce refers to The Hulk as "the other guy". He seems bitterly bemused by the more sensationalist nickname.

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