Buffy Summers
Full Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Age: 20
Race: Human (Slayer)
Affiliation: Kick-Ass Good
Family: Joyce (mother), Father (not in the picture)

Buffy never asked for this, but that's the thing about Destiny — it tends to choose you. Awakened as a shiny new, teenage Slayer, Buffy trained under Giles to be ready should the world need saving. Again. And again. And possibly once more. Bucking the trend of Slayers working alone, she integrated her friends Willow and Xander into the gang, along with occasional other allies, though nothing could quite reduce the impending feeling of loneliness associated with her power, her duty. They could leave at any time to lead normal lives, but she was the Slayer.

Recently, a god from another dimension known as Glory, to her friends, began to harass the Slayer group looking for what she called "The Key", apparently sent to be protected by Buffy from a cloister of monks. The truth came out that Buffy's sister Dawn was not her sister at all. She wasn't even human, but a manifestation created by the monks to ensure that Buffy would protect her with her life. And when Glory kidnapped Dawn and prepared to sacrifice her to open a portal to another dimension, that's exactly what Buffy did. Trading one Summers' blood for another, she leapt into the vortex, closing it with her own being.

Only, that's not quite what happened.

Still, to those left in Sunnydale, Buffy Summers, The Slayer, is presumed dead.





  • Spike — The Nuisance.


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