Chris' Chainsaws

Please feel free to harass/help/remind.

Hitmen Script

Deadline: August 31st (early)-October 31st (standard)

Currently: Finished first book, reading second. FOR SOME REASON, NOW HATE EVERYTHING.

Script Pipeline: Great TV Idea Contest

Deadline: December 15th

Currently: Need to write treatments on 2 ideas.

Nerd Rapture Comic Book

Deadline: None, self-made

Currently: Negotiating price with company. Need to start writing!

Various studio fellow programs/script contests

Deadline: May next year

Currently: Going nowhere fast.

Family Christmas Present Book

Deadline: December 20th

Currently: Have narrowed down pictures, but no progress.

Articles for Geek Site

Deadline: All the time

Currently: Need to do Equip It, post Espionage, and two cosplay interviews. Need to write-up Revolution piece.

Logo/Website Design Contest

Deadline: Unknown

Currently: Updated logo. No progress on website.


Microsoft Upload Program

** +5 Kris points for completion.

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