Christie (NPC)
Christie Cordov
Portrayed By Olesya Rulin
AKA Hooch's Girl
Gender Female
Parentage Mortal
Date of Birth 1991
Age 21
Occupation Student of Hooch
Known Relatives Well, not Hooch!
Significant Other Imaginary Hooch

Christie studies at University of Toronto. Studies Hooch, that is. She has to be reminded to go to her classes.

Fangirl Of The Month

So, like, can you even begin to process how awesome Hooch is? With that haircut— and that attitude— and that smile— OMG! Seriously. Seriously. Every word he says is gold.



Hooch. A little bit socially awkward to start, Christie began to hang around Hooch's shadow because he was fun and has since become a bit overdosed on his cult status. She means… well… but her already nervous mortal brain was just too easy of a target for the demi-god's unintentional power.

Class Schedule

Languages Party
Hobbies Following Hooch around


  • Hooch is THE BEST.
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