Aaeni I get the feeling that Cino's gonna see right through her relatively early on and be like 'Don't worry peasant, I won't tell a soul. It'd impact MY chance if they found out I was in the same squad as an imposter.'
12:30 Aaeni Oh god, Sagittaeri, showing her the Vaylen estate would be glorious.
12:31 Aaeni "When are we going to get there? How much deeper into the island is it?"
12:31 Aaeni "Silly peasant, the entire island is the estate."
12:32 Sagittaeri haha you're assuming she'll be impressed
12:32 Sagittaeri she'll just be disgusted by the impracticalities of having such a huge estate XD
12:33 Aaeni It's actually not impractical at all, the estate is really efficient.

Pros Cons
Catherine Baxter * Photographer * The player scares me. :(
* Older * Woman
* Interesting lack of caring, incase Ida is a bleeding heart
Herbert Himbey * Assistant * Total Storium newbie
* Worships Blackley * Dislikes present tense
* Young
Helen Parker * Interesting backstory * Too similar to Ida?
* Very friendly player * Young
* Woman
Victor Vimm * Creative backstory * No games to vet
* Man!
Bill Jones * Would be interesting to have someone unassociated along * Player from a game I exited
* He's not all that interesting, himself
Doyle Erickson * Lol we get to mock an American * Super short profile
* PINKTERTON * Background seems like theme for a different kind of game
* Possible interesting side-plots to weave in * New, unvet-able player

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