Dart Alar


Casting: Cosplay Chick
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Corellia
Occupation: Freelancer

Dart Alar was a normal enough Corellian native and resident before her life took a drastic turn, putting her on the run — and running from job to job to try and stay alive and in the air.


In a Corellian bar one night, Alar and her cousin were enjoying a fine drink when a group of young men began to start trouble. Alar was wary but her cousin joined in, until the 'fun' turned back around on the cousin. Coming to her blood's defense, Alar attacked and accidentally killed one of the men. The brawl calmed, Corellia not unfamiliar with such occurrences, but the next day the news was out: Alar's name was wanted, and she'd be punished to the full extent. She was given the Corellian death sentence. She fled her home planet, leaving for the first time in the worst way possible.


  • Notable IC events.


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Story Points — GM Knowledge (Can include open ended points/questions)

  • Is there a deeper ID to the man she killed that caused 'justice' to happen so fast?
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