Dominick Maslow
Dominick Maslow
Portrayed By Matthew Rhys
Gender Male
Age 38
Place of Birth Toronto, Ontario
Occupation Police Officer, Constable 1st Class, Toronto Police Service (14 Division)
Known Relatives Sgt. Alexei Maslow, retired TPS officer (father); Galina Maslow, former TPS Internal Affairs — involved in police corruption scandal in 1990s (mother); Frankie Maslow, firefighter, Toronto Fire Services (brother)

Dominick Maslow is an experienced police officer within the Toronto Police Service who has served as a training officer for numerous up-and-comers in his division over the years, known to be one of the most fun and the most difficult mentor around. That was then. Now, he's preoccupied with more strange business than he thought possible on the streets of Toronto. And that's saying something.
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Dominick Maslow never felt "fated" or "destined" to follow in the footsteps of any of his parents, whose careers within the Toronto Police Service spanned decades. He almost begrudged the fact that he turned out to be interested in police work after all, and resented the constant dogging and encouragement of his mother and father (divorced since he and his brother were teenagers, but for their sons, they combined tactical forces at every occasion), despite their good intentions. He wanted the decision to be his own, to go it alone, separate from any expected family legacy. After a strict, goal-oriented upbringing full of all the pressures that brings, who could blame him.

Shrugging off both encouragement and guidance at every possible turn, Dominick went through the Toronto Police College and on into the cop world before he discovered that the prestigious careers of his parents weren't so worth lording over him — at least where the most righteous, his mother, was concerned. The 2nd in Charge at his new division was the first to inform him, during a disagreement, no less, that his mother Galina had been involved in a police drug scandal back in the nineties. She was corrupt: from the trusted position of, all things, Internal Affairs, she covered up for nearly a whole unit of dirty cops. The scandal wiled its way all the way to the city's political office at the time, and her name was only kept out of the news because she agreed to turn on the others involved and escaped significant charges. The 2nd in Charge was one of the few clean cops in that unit and, suffice to say, he still held a grudge. He's now the Unit Commander.

Taking this news with him as ammunition against his mother (who, for most of his life, was the picture of strict morals) and fuel to be better than she had been, Dominick went on to be a solid cop. Not the best, definitely not the worst, he was an officer through-and-through, no real desire nor patience to switch badges to Detective, no particular inclination from his bosses to promote him above the nevertheless honourable 1st Class Constable, which suited him fine. As an experienced officer, he was also a training officer, taking many a rookie under his less-than-nurturing wing. His reputation was for not being very sensitive, but joking a lot: he'd put 'em through the grinder on ride-alongs and throw them into things they probably weren't ready for to teach them a lesson or, sometimes, because it's funny — often both. For all that they may have complained, they'd learn, wouldn't they, and most of them came out liking him for it.

There was exactly zero lead-up to Dominick's career taking a bizarre twist. He wasn't exactly the kind of guy who screams "weirdness magnet". Usually, when he came across an incident that looked more off than the usual insane crap that happens in the city, he'd leave the deep thinking to the detectives and not look back.

This time he couldn't look back. The more he tried, the more his eyes kept being forced forward.

He was first on the scene to something impossible. Miraculous, even, a rarity in this line of work — he thought it had to be proof of God. What should have been a crime scene featured a young girl coming back to life — how could he describe what had happened to anyone? It brought him to speak to an asset in the area, whose advice was not what Dominick expected. What he had seen could not be unseen … or, at the very least, the multitude of Powers That Be decided to keep his memory intact, and to use it. Gods existed, challenging what he thought he knew. Creatures. Demons. Since his accidental indoctrination, Dominick became a sort of go-fer for a world he didn't understand. The more he investigated, the weirder the truth became… and the less miraculous. Less heavenly. More dark. More vicious. More petty.

Yet he was determined, in his own way, to investigate every oddity he came across while being asked to perform inconvenient tasks, questioning the way of the world and faltering in his faith. All of it threatens most normal aspects of his job, not to mention the secrecy of what he's gotten himself into — a fact which has caused Dominick to become less, shall we say, welcoming with his colleagues as of late.


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  • 5'11".
  • Comes from a Russian Orthodox family.
  • Pals with a lot of fellow officers, detectives, and his immediate superiors; not so much the Unit Commander.
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