Edeline Flint
Edeline Flint
Portrayed By Anna Camp
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Religion Christian
Date of Birth 1982
Age 30
Occupation Wedding/Event Planner
Known Relatives A mother and father she often credits with getting her started.
Significant Other Can you believe it? She's never been married, herself.
Apartment # 1013

Edeline Flint's going to be a sweetheart, whether you want her to be or not. She's, at times, almost aggressively pleasant, but can also show a genuine care. When it comes to business, she's a shark, and seems to see a good deal of success; not all of her clients are local and she's once in a while out of town.

Around the building, it's obvious that community-builder is a hobby of hers. She encourages group activities, as well as the attitude that tenants should look out for each other.




Victoria Whitely: What a darling!


  • She's attempted to instate a Lockwood Towers book-club, encouraging meetings between residents.
  • Though she and Victoria are friends, she's unfortunately allergic to the other woman's dog.
  • Wears a lot of jewelry, but all very classy; nothing tacky. Mostly commonly, she wears the sign of Libra, in gold, around her neck. She credits many of the pieces to gifts from clients.
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