Elliot Thomas Couch

"Thank you, your opinion is highly valued."

Casting: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Date of Birth: January 15th 1980
Age: 31
Place of Birth: Boston, MA
Occupation: Probational officer with the ACRU
Ability: Illusion
Power Grade:
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song:

Elliot is a former defense attorney who was fired from his high-paying job once mandatory testing outed him as ability positive. He is now in training to work with the ACRU. You can imagine how thrilled this makes him.


Elliot was born and raised in Boston, the eldest of three (the other two being a sister and a brother) in one of America's richest and most prestigious families. His mother died while giving birth to his younger brother when Elliot was very young, and he was left to be raised by his father, a shrewd man in the business of banking. Throughout his childhood, Elliot wanted for nothing — he was the apple of his father's eye, close with both siblings, and attended only the finest of schools.

It was in the latter years of his high school career that Elliot's life became less ideal. At a party one night, his girlfriend began experiencing intense hallucinations while the pair were enjoying some time alone in an upstairs room. The medical team attributed the episode to the drugs and alcohol in the girl's system, but to the surprise of everyone who knew the couple, Elliot's girlfriend immediately broke off the relationship and withdrew from school. Rumors that Elliot had spiked her drink circulated and he was even investigated, but the police ultimately found no evidence and the case was promptly dropped. After that, Elliot became more withdrawn, limiting his social contact with others to such a degree that he barely had any friends at all when he graduated high school, and he effectively disappeared from the social scene for almost a year

Elliot resurfaced again at Harvard Business School after his father's stern prompting that he should seek a degree or risk familial scorn. The incident in high school seemed to have been forgotten by then; Elliot soon had new friends, and he threw himself wholeheartedly into his studies. It was not the end of strange occurrences in his life, however; students and even professors occasionally still found themselves seeing or hearing things in his presence. Sometimes Elliot would disappear for long periods of time, only to reappear again without seeming to have missed a single day.

Midway through his sophomore year, Elliot tried to explain to his father his role in all the bizarre occurrences in his life. This led to an enormous row between the two, and it ultimately caused Elliot to shift the course of his studies drastically. He dropped out of Harvard Business and was accepted instead into Harvard Law School, where he earned a degree in Criminal Justice. Much to his father's chagrin, he then pulled up stakes and moved to Los Angeles, where he found work as a lawyer.

When abilities became known to the public thanks to the antics of one Claire Bennet, Elliot was of the sort who was able to keep his own inherent talents under wraps for some time. It wasn't until the law firm that employed him began requiring employees to get tested that Elliot's position was stripped from him. Too proud to simply quit and knowing it would only out him anyway, he underwent the test and came out positive. Though he brought a suit against his former employers, he was just as unemployed after the verdict as he had been before it. When he applied at the ACRU on the recommendation of a friend, it was a last-bid effort to find something before his savings ran out. He was fortunate that his ability, education, and skill made him an excellent candidate for detective work; he was not so fortunate that his lack of police training meant he would start out as a cadet. But a job is a job when jobs are scarce, and Elliot wasn't so proud as to be stupid. He's currently completed roughly eight months of his training; that puts him at the stage of doing slightly less-irritating menial tasks. Just slightly.


Arrogant with a nasty wit, Elliot isn't exactly a sweetheart nor particularly afraid to let his disdain for others show, and he wears his privileged upbringing on his sleeve. This is not to say he's utterly cold or heartless; he can be fairly pleasant to those he befriends, though even some of his friends would hesitate to sing his praises without a few caveats. Beneath the veneer of rich white boy is a warmer and more altruistic core not often displayed.


Elliot has the ability to generate illusions for others around him and is registered "ability positive". He is able to make other people believe they are seeing, hearing, and even tasting, smelling, and feeling something that they are not. When specifically applied to his job, he usually employs this ability to change his features.

There are obviously limits to what Elliot is capable of. His ability works only for other humans; he can't fool animals or cameras. The more people he must bring into his illusion, the less complicated the illusion must be or it will fail for some, and each sense that he must fool adds a layer of complication to the illusion. For example: He can fool five or six people utterly in all five senses (taste, sound, touch, hearing, and vision) but must sacrifice one sense for a group twice that size and another sense for a group even bigger than that, etc.. He has honed his talent to the point that he can spin an illusion of two senses for a group of 50 or so and only one sense for a group of 100; larger than that is impossible, and even stretching that much can cause exhaustion and headaches if Elliot is required to maintain it for longer than an hour.

Elliot cannot form illusions out of nothing; he must have some kind of stimulus to work from. For example: He can't make someone feel like they're being tickled out of the blue, but he can make them feel like the sensation of their clothes on their skin is tickly; similarly, he can't make someone believe they're hearing a train in a silent room, but he can make them believe that the sound generated by the shifting of his foot is a train's whistle. The only exception to this is illusions of sight: if there is an object upon which something can appear to act (for example: an empty chair), he can make it so (an empty chair suddenly seems to have someone sitting in it). Additionally, in order to fool someone, Elliot must know where they are, and they must be within a reasonable distance (within the next room as opposed to on the other side of the house; around the fountain in the square as opposed to a block away). He can affect people that he cannot see so long as he's aware of their presence and their surroundings, though obviously being able to see them and their immediate environment is helpful in crafting certain illusions.

When it comes to building illusions of people and things familiar to someone, Elliot must know what that person/thing looks/sounds/feels/smells/tastes like in order to mimic said stimulus effectively. He can't create the likeness of someone's wife unless he knows what she looks like, and then he can't make her speak unless he knows what she sounds like, otherwise the illusion is easily detectable (though creating illusions that don't quite fit with reality can have their benefits, provided he's aiming at generating a fear response).

Finally, Elliot has the ability to mask things, effectively rendering them undetectable to those in the illusion. People and objects disappear from view, scents vanish, and the brush of a feather on the skin is never felt. And while he can make a touch feel like nothing at all, if Elliot made a wall seemingly vanish, anyone who ran at it would, in fact, come up against a wall; it would be impossible to delude them into thinking they had gone through it.


  • Happy Birthday ACRU: Harry, Kev, ACRU guest stars — The whole unit celebrates. Even probies are allowed.
  • Milkshake Madness: Concordia, Harry — Milkshakes are sweet. Elliot is not.


  • I will let you know when he has any particularly fantastic ones.


  • It's speculated in some circles that Elliot's features are a perpetual illusion to disguise a much less handsome man. Common theories suggest buck teeth and a beer belly. (This is blatantly false.)
  • Elliot is a Red Sox fan, naturally, and he was a star shortstop on his high school baseball team.
  • Elliot has two black parallel scars on the back and left of his neck that he's quite sure he got while sailing during the summer after high school graduation. They're hidden by his hair.
  • Despite all appearances, Elliot is a big fan of video games and a fiend for Playstation especially.


  • Law Officials of Various Calibers: Elliot moved between firms at least once or twice during his career as a defense attorney. It's highly likely he bumped elbows with a wide variety of lawyers, judges, and even cops during this time. Not all interactions would have necessarily been friendly.
  • Big Business Connections: Elliot's father (Thomas) is a well-known name in the banking industry. Though Elliot is now considered something of a pariah in that social circle due to his A-positive status and current bad blood with his father, he would still be known to some.
  • Old Flames Die Hard: Elliot has had girlfriends. Few of them parted on good terms.
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