Det. Eric Whelan

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Casting: Reed Diamond
Date of Birth: Month Day, Year
Age: 00
Place of Birth: Place, ST
Occupation: BHPD Detective
Ability: Emotional Clairvoyance
Power Grade:
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song: "Title" by Artist

Eric Whelan's previous post was assisting Angela King in negotiations for SWAT, but he has recently been reassigned to investigation work, which he is unfamiliar with. His ability, and lack of experience in the field, requires him to be frequently supervised.




Interview Room B - 02 Oct 2013 16:40

  • Goji Okinawa, we're going to have to ask you to come with us to the police station to answer a few...

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Emotional Clairvoyance.

Manifestation #1: When finding a similar point of thinking between himself and the target, this person can feel the target's emotions along with his own. Depending on how strong the connection is, the ability user may find the transition seamless or else experience a moment of unconsciousness. It is important that the user be able to clearly identify with the thought and emotion pattern of the intended target, or he could end up reading the wrong person's feelings. Eye-contact and physical contact help to direct the effect. While feeling another's emotions, the user may become confused between how he himself is feeling and what is just the other person affecting him, causing rapid and uncharacteristic mood swings. Due to this unpredictability, the ability is not to be used unless cleared with any fellow officers in the area and with proper precautions (note: user is not allowed to be armed whenever using ability). After the connection is severed, it's been observed that some 'imprinting' does remain for several minutes afterward, often causing erratic behavior before the user can compose his own feelings.

  • Precaution: The longer a connection exists, the harder it appears to be to disconnect. As well, the user suffers several physical side-effects which can include increased heart-rate and severe rise in temperature. When blacked out during stronger connections, user becomes dangerously cold to the touch. All uses of this ability should be fully monitored and authorized.

Manifestation #2: The ability to see the residue of high emotional occurrences, like someone might pull a fingerprint or read a blood spatter. Depending on how recent the event was, and how strong the emotions involved, the power allows, with concentration, a reconstruction of that second of heightened feeling. The level of detail varies, but is typically described as 'dusty silhouettes' of people. Its strongest and most frequent use is in locating the exact place that the death occurred.

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