Run by Chris on Date Pending

Amy + Margaret + Kris


As of the 2010 census, the estimated population of the city of Minneapolis is 382,578. Minneapolis lies on both banks of the Mississippi River, just north of the river's confluence with the Minnesota River, and adjoins Saint Paul, the state's capital.

As of the 2012 census, the estimated population of the city of Minneapolis is 3.

After the global phenomenon, most major cities were evacuated by those who had the money and means to secure transportation to several of the government (or privately funded) safe-houses. Cities were emptied out, except for the dead. For some, hope exists in the form of doing scouting favors for those encased within the golden cities of the unaffected with the promise of one day earning residency. For others, looting is a way to stay relevant in an economy where to be poor and alone is likely to be dead tomorrow. The rest, who scoff these sanctuaries, make due in a ruined world.


Timeline: It is currently Fall. Meaning, leaves are changing, animals are growing scarce, and the temperature is due to rapidly drop any day now to freezing and below.


Players should create characters originating from the city. Special skills should be explained by a reasonable background and run by Chris. There is no military involvement, unless your character is currently on leave from one.

Players should have stats for Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma, Perception, and Dexterity.

Luck should be a number 1-5.


To be provided.


Run by Chris on Date Pending

Amy + Margaret + Kris (apparently, they REALLY want me to kill them)

During cryosleep, flight on the commercial vehicle Cora is left to a skeleton crew, with scheduled shifts. But when the spaceship is knocked off course by an unknown event, personnel and passengers find themselves prematurely awakened in the dead of space.


Run by Chris on Date Pending

Amy + Margaret + Kris (freakin' addicts)

You've only just met, but you all share two very important things: belief in the paranormal, and reoccurring visions of a dilapidated mansion. Now you've found it.


Run by Chris on Date Pending

Amy + Margaret

You're all invited. But will you all leave?

An event based around the Clue-trope, participants will be assigned a pre-made character with both a real name and a pseudonym they've been told to use during the festivities. Less 'combat' based than the others.


Run by Chris on Date Pending


It's just like all those hand-held horror movies warned us about: a creature's rampaging through the city. Do you try to get out or try to get to loved ones?


Run by Chris on Sat 5/18 or Sun 5/19

Amy + Kris (depending on time of day)

Mini-Event! A group of treasure-hunters goes exploring into long sealed-off caves hoping to find a lost fortune left there by the area's since extinct natives.


To be provided.

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