Fables: Cast

Appendix A: Characters


Some characters have been cast in ~secret~ for plotting purposes. Consider checking with Chris beforehand!


Origin Current Name Occupation Face
Little Red Cap Kelly Mulvane Sheriff's Deputy Timothy Olyphant
The Little Mermaid Marina Olander Street Performer Laura Harris
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Alice Dodge Hypnotherapist Sarah Jones
The Sleeping Beauty Last known: Auguste Marie Jeanne Princess of Baden-Baden Lena Headey
The Star Money Clementine Farris Orphan Lily Cole
The Pied Piper Jasper Goode Advertising Executive Aaron Paul
White-Bear-King-Valemon June Holly Trust-fund baby Michelle Monaghan
Hansel and Gretel Adrienne Bailey ??? Kerri Russell
  • Someone use Josephine de Beauharnais for Beauty and the Beast.


Family Relation Name Occupation Face
Great Grandfather Silas Grimm MacKenzie Caulfield Med Student Ellen Page
Mother Renata Grimm Roland Grimm Keeper Tim Roth


Location Name Occupation Face
Chicago Piers Tully Retired clockmaker Richard Harris
Chicago Bella Flynn Ballerina, part-time nanny Kate Bell
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