Fables: Timeline

The Time of Fables, the Great Lands

The Original Age

The Second Coming

To facilitate understanding even during their absence, the fables individually found various great minds who would take down their stories. Some were more deserving than others, depending on what the fable had access to, but each of the most famous came to be known as 'keepers of the word' and would typically devote their life to traveling the great lands collecting the experiences of as many fables as they could get an audience with.

September 1666, London, The Great Fire

February 1692 and May 1693, Massachusetts, Salem Witch Trials

Restless fables, some inspired by the horrific but intriguing acts of Peter Stumpp attempt to gently announce their existence: one specifically by teaching lessons to the children of the small Massachusetts town of Salem. In a panic, when caught practicing a crude ritual derived from the servant's magic, the girls of the village accused her of witchcraft and started a cascade of terror and persecution exacerbated by other fables attempting to come to the woman's defense. Mortals and fables alike were imprisoned and hung in hordes across the country as they attempted to make their presence as guiders and examples known.

As fables died in spades, the councils intervened. This was too much of a disruption to let go by. Using their influence, they quieted the mobs, lending wisdom to some of the villages' judges until they realized their folly. The girls were made to apologize in the years following; though they had been partially telling the truth, they would forever be seen as liars and manipulators in history with the tweaking of council intervention.

As if being persecuted and hung wasn't enough, those fables who had announced the truth wholeheartedly found themselves awaiting further, and worse, punishment when they eventually reincarnated into the next life.

Between 1812 and 1857, Germany: Grimm stories are publicized

After the events of the late 1600s, the councils convened, hearing the word of fables fearing they were disappearing into a world growing out of its wonder for magic: they were useless and invisible. To assuage some of these feelings, two keepers were called: the Grimm Brothers, Jacob and Wilheim. Under their pen, each of the fables' life stories was collected, as they had been told to other keepers in the past, and translated into 'tales' under the Grimm's hands. During this period, many of the previous terms and names converted into a German system — as that was the Grimm's origin — to match what had already been in that language. Some fables felt slighted afterward, as these tellings turned out to sound like little more than children's stories or cautionary tales, often twisting identities and events to fit the theme rather than the outright truth.

Many of those who had participated in the infamous Salem Witch Trials saw their identities changed the most in their tales as punishment for their behavior.

1901, Shoreham, New York: Wardenclyffe Tower begins construction

In 1901, Keeper Nikola Tesla began construction on The Wardenclyffe Tower, which he believed would be able to transmit wireless signals and energy. But his funding from J Pierpont Morgan ran out and all his pleading did nothing to convince the man to donate more. Desperate, as years and construction went by, Tesla turned to the energy of magic and attempting to tap into that source through a couple of fable acquaintances.. In 1915, the tower was blown up for fear that spies could be using it.

Unbekannte, 1914 (300 years): The unknown time

The 'unbekannte' is the period of 300 years after which no fable can recall being reincarnated and no magic was reported. Their stories went on to become famous 'fairy tales', distorted even more by time, while the world blazoned forward into a period rapid technology as well as rapid destruction.

World Wars (I and II)

Without the guiding hand of the fable nobility, the world erupted into huge, nation-absorbing wars. Stripped of magic, the world turned to its science to create weapons of massive destruction like had never been seen before.

Present Day, 2235

Our story continues.

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