Genevieve Elwick
Genevieve "Genny" Elwick
Real Name Genevieve Elwick
Pseudonyms Q, Nerd, Newbie, Cookie Monster
Height 5'3"
DOB August 12, 1986
Nationality British
Affiliation MI-6
Base of Operations London
Position Quartermaster
Specialties Computers, Invention
Known Associates MI-6
Played By Jenna-Louise Coleman

Character Information

>login: ******
>psw: **************

access denied

>man override
>authorization: ******

access denied

>execute ghostdrive
ghostdrive initiated


>stop kerberos
kerberos stopped
>stop log
log stopped
>start directory
directory started
>access backgrounds

56. Elridge, Arthur
57. Elton, John
58. Elwick, Genevieve


background uploading

Skills and Attributes



  • The Cause: Genevieve has been searching for Martin Shaw for many years. After stumbling across patched records and strange entries in Russian databases, she firmly believed that the agent in the papers that was supposedly deceased was not. Ever since, she has made it her mission to find out what actually happened to him and rescue him if she can.
  • Network: As an active member of the hacker community, she has a wide net of informants and friends. While she may have never met any of them in person, still trusts them. Her hacker name is themis, who was the greek goddess of law, good counsel and justice.




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