Chosen Name: Gunn
Other Names: Charles Gunn
Age: 24
Race: Human
Position: Demon Hunter
Affiliation: Gunn's Crew, Angel Investigations

"Woo hoo!! My God! They told me it was true, but I didn't believe 'em. But damn, here it is! Evil white folks really do have a Mecca!"

Gunn is a vampire hunter turned demon slaying associate of a vampire. Torn between loyalties to two sides of the same coin with different outcomes, he now faces a threat greater than anything he has ever faced before.


Born Under A Bad Sign

Born in the Badlands of Los Angeles, which just happened to be a section of the city that even the police would not go, Gunn fell into the role of protector and leader at a very early age. Raised with his sister, Alonna, Gunn looked after and protected her from whatever dangers lurked on those Badland streets… or in his grandmother's kitchen. Taught how to fight and kill vampires by his grandmother, Gunn managed to take down the house invading vampire and knew that his calling had been recognized.

He took up a mantle an urban Robin Hood, shrugging off his run-ins with the law and focusing his intentions on keeping his neighborhood safe from vampires, demons and whatever else threatened the people in his hood. He quickly rose through the ranks of the local gang to become their leader and turned them into an entire crew of street fighting vigilantes designed to protect their turf from the supernatural threats and elements.

Gunn became so dedicated to the cause of eradicating the vampiric element that sold his soul for a truck that could be used to help his Crew. His life in the ghetto had made his mind up about anything that was not human or that fed upon his neighborhood. So when he had a run in with Angel, he was more than determined to dust him too. He failed. And after a series of unfortunate events that turned his sister into a vampire that Gunn was forced to stake, he realized that perhaps not everything was a black and white as he had originally thought.

Hired By An Angel

An exceptional fighter, Gunn teamed up with Angel quite a bit as their relationship blossomed towards something considered Friendship. He would often help Angel fight evil creatures or just be around to protect the people Angel cared about. His talent and sense of justice helped him to feel as though he was finally finding a place in the world. A place to belong.

This, of course, clashed heavily with his role as the leader of his crew. His loyalties were often tested and the two groups often clashed with each other on a variety of subjects. Gunn was being torn in two different directions, clearly unsure of how to continue to be the leader of his crew and also a full time member of Angel Investigations. It was hard for Gunn to be in two places at once and it became even more impossible when lives were on the line.

Things became even more morally complex for Gunn when Cordelia was sucked into a portal that led to Pylea. Around the same time, Gunn's absence from his crew caused one of the members to be killed by a vampire. Of course, Gunn feels completely responsible for this death and is stricken with grief of the highest order. Guilt aside, though, Gunn realized that if he didn't do something to help Angel that Cordelia could suffer the same fate as his old friend. Gunn decides to accompany Angel, Lorne and Wesley to Pylea to rescue Cordelia.

Oh Hell

The return from Pylea awakens a whole new set of problems, though. Not only does he return to still having to choose between his crew and Angel Investigations (a decision that was put off by the Pylea antics), Gunn is faced with the threat of multiple portals popping open across the city and the demonic creatures that come out of them on a regular basis.

It is going to take all of Gunn's strength and resources to be able to handle what might actually be the end of the world.

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Trying to pin down the man that is Charles Gunn is something that's not as easy as it looks. He's had a very rough past and it shows all over his face and his demeanor. On the surface, he's no-nonsense, rough and tough and quite the bit of a jerk, though he does seem to keep a generally pleasant disposition when he's around friends. It's when things get down to "business" that he becomes more serious than even he knows how to deal with. Whether he knows it or not, he comes with the standard "death wish" package, that has him on the fast track towards self-destruction. It's something that he'll continue to struggle with for the rest of his days, no matter how short or long they may be. Even though all logic points to otherwise, Gunn feels like he doesn't have anything to live for.


Guilt plays a very major role in the life of Gunn. When anything happens to anyone that he cares about, the blame falls onto his shoulders and his alone. He finds himself trying to make up for what happened to his sister, Alonna, through everyone else that he encounters in his life. He believes that the city, not just the Badlands, need saving and if anybody's going to do it, it's going to be him. Or he'll die trying. Which he just might be trying to make happen anyway.

Gunn is a young man of many talents. Living on the streets as brought him up to be a calculating strategist and a badass fighter. He's something of a lost cause, in terms of his soul and things of that nature, but his heart is forever in the right place. He's bound to a sense of honor and justice that very few are capable of actually sticking to in any true form. Focused and determined beyond his years, Gunn has a strong future ahead of him if he can manage to stay alive. Big If.

Beneath all the brooding and the badassery, Gunn still seems to have a bit of playfulness to him. The walking pop culture reference tends to spout of at the mouth with sarcastic wit as good as the rest of them. It has a certain charm, coming from an inner-city dude like Gunn. There's way more than meets the eye with him, that's for sure. He's not just the Token Black Guy. And he makes it a point to prove that every single day.

Gunn may or may not love playing the Race Card. Even if he's almost never serious about it.


Trade Secrets

Strength: Being a human kind of stops the body from being super strong, though Gunn has managed to hone his body into a demon battling machine, so to speak. Which is why he's capable of dealing more damage to those of the supernatural nature, than most people his size and age. Hailing from a lifetime of fighting creatures of the night, Gunn is stronger than he looks and has been known to KO Punch people without breaking a sweat. Team Muscle, indeed.


Martial Arts: Self-trained in a vast array of different martial arts styles, Gunn is a master of none of them. He has, though, managed to compile them all into an improvisational and reckless form of fighting that tends to keep him alive and his opponents guessing what's coming next. He has a huge selection of punches and kicks in his hand-to-hand arsenal and will not hesitate to use them for all their worth.

Strategist: Gunn has never been to school, so he doesn't have the classic education that many people have, though he does possess a mind that makes him a veritable leader. He's very good at the military style actions and thought processes, which helps him to be "general" of Team Gunn. His discipline methods and lifestyle are likely what keeps the Team alive, as well as the training sessions that are on a regular basis.

Driving: Not that he's a master stunt driver or anything, but Gunn has taught himself out to drive and drive under pressure. His truck is one of his most prized possessions and he takes good care of it. Even going so far as to use it wisely in the hunting and destruction of vampires. If he's ever allowed to drive the Angelmobile, Gunn will very likely be one of the few Non-Angels capable of keeping it from getting scratched.

Jury Rig: Not to be mistaken with creating things of a Blade-ish nature, Gunn has had to use less than glamorous methods to keep his crew alive. Thus, things like Stake Turrets and Personal Flame Throwers have been created and designed by the leader of Team Gunn. In addition to using junk and useless parts to create functioning weapons of the evil fighting variety, he's also has a very keen mind in the realm of booby traps and things of that nature. With the right tools and time, Gunn could probably whip together things that would make MacGuyver give him a high five.

Streetwise: Gunn knows the streets better than anybody, if you ask him. Having been raised on them, he's come up with some of the roughest criminals and then some. He knows where to go to find stolen goods or he can get you from one part of the city to another in the shortest time humanly possible. He's like a GPS with an attitude problem. This, of course, tends to lead him into thinking that he's got some kind of clout in the city… which remains to actually be seen.

Pop Culture Guru: From television to comic books and then some, Gunn possesses a high pop culture reference ability and tends to use this to his advantage during the witty banter part of battles. His expertise seems to be the realm of comic books.

Once More With Feeling


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