Honey Bennett
Honey Bennett
Portrayed By Chloe Grace Moretz
Gender Female
Parentage Thor; The Aesir
Date of Birth 1998
Age 14
Occupation DOING GOOD
Known Relatives LIES
Significant Other JUSTICE

Honey Bennett's parents were both killed in a terrible home-invasion incident, leaving her in her own care, and occasionally that of her uncle. She's devoted herself to the hunting down and removing of all demi-gods, freaks like her.


An absent-minded parent on the best of days, too absorbed in his wars, Thor slept with a mortal woman after a glorious fight then left, too angry, and too distracted, even to notice, when he was informed that the child had died; what child? The same one spirited away by Circle members who had infiltrated the hospital, keen on keeping track of child births in the area. Two of their members settled down undercover in the suburbs, posing as new parents to their assignment: the unaware baby, Honey Bennett. As she grew up, doctor's visits were a frequent, obnoxious, necessity, and she became used to sitting through sessions of needle-prodding and sticking out her tongue. It was as she got older that she had the presence of mind to wonder if there was actually something wrong with her; she must be some kind of freak.

After a couple of years with others, her schooling switched to at home, and with tutors, so that her lessons could be subtly crafted with bias. She was given a firm belief in hard justice, and no wiggle room between right and wrong. She was a little blonde pet, in an invisible cage.

But children will always be children, and that means curious. When her parents were called to an emergency situation, she was ordered to stay in the car, but, growing restless, she unbuckled and slipped out. The house seemed quiet at first, like any other house, and Honey wandered until she found a strange plastic sheet surrounding one of the rooms, full of tables and symbols and odd items set about — including a bulky gold gun with unidentifiable charms carved into wood surrounding it on all sides. Planted in the middle, nose in the ground, it looked like a freakish Excalibur.

As she was staring, Honey heard sounds of a scuffle upstairs. That's where she saw it: her parents, fighting two people using extraordinary, unbelievable powers — her parents, killed by them. It was all a blur… running downstairs, hearing them in pursuit, the pounding of adrenaline and blood in her ears obscuring the shouts of the murderers on her heels— and then, the feel of cold, comforting, familiar metal in her hands and the trigger's pull. When she could breathe again, the two culprits were dead on the floor, and she was holding the one thing that made her feel complete even though she'd never laid eyes on it before.

In a heat-seeking rage and terror, Honey swept through the house, tossing it for any information she could. Finally, she found notes — notes about her. All along, she'd been right; she was a freak, and her parents had died because she was. Possessed of great vengeance, she found out the rest that she could, burned the house, and called her uncle. She took the gun with her. None of the reinforcements who showed up could take it from her, and she was finally told by the uncle that this was because it belonged to her — and her bloody heritage, which they had tried to shield her from, to stop these wicked others from finding her and exploiting it. Well, Honey decided, if it was her they were after, then it was her they were going to get; she find these power-hungry sons of bitches and take them all out, even if it meant herself with them, in the end.


Stop. Hammer Time.


By Your Powers Combined Honey's dominion over thunder and lightning is all nature-based, and more related to the creation of storms and lightning strikes than modern electricity. She can make the weather downright dreary within minutes, and it often changes anyway when she's gloomy or been injured. Honey's thunder inspires fright in lesser-minded creatures, and the lightning has extreme potential, though she hasn't got the best of aim with it, usually just using it to distract and direct opponents. This takes a lot of effort and wears her out quite efficiently.
I've Got Worthy Comin' Out of my Ass As the one recognized as Mjolnir's rightful owner, no one else can wield the gun but Honey. It weighs more than an anvil and won't fire under any duress.
I Want You To Hit Me As Hard as You Can Takin' the hits and just keeps comin'; for a little string of a thing, Honey's durability is— well, legendary. Her strength is much greater than any child's should be, much more, even, than a grown man, and it grows the longer that she stays in battle rather than depletes. As such, Honey is also more susceptible to damage in the beginning, then becoming more and more shielded. Her specialty is in blunt force resistance, taking punches much better than projectile shots, and surviving being thrown into walls or long falls. Afterwards, though, Honey grows quite tired and takes long naps.
Little Mary Sunshine An addictive personality; Honey is a speed and adrenaline junkie. After a fight, she has extreme difficulty winding down, and she's extra susceptible to mind-altering chemicals.


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To anyone else, the gun Mjolnir would appear to be a dud: unable to fire, and unmovable. But in Honey's hands, it becomes a lethal machine. Anything she puts into it will fire like a bullet, as no specific ammo was ever created for the once-hammer. In times of distress it always finds its way to Honey, and she's able to conceal it on her person for traveling. Forged by giants, the gun's working parts are supernaturally efficient and will never tire, never wear out, unless affected by another supernatural weapon created by the same. Mjolnir has been noted as several different models of firearm, emblazoned with the name or crest of the once-hammer, and infused with the inscription of Thor.

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.



  • Honey's pendant, worn around her neck at all times, is the crest of Mjolnir.
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