Brandy Alexander Roth
Portrayed By Dylan O'Brien
Gender Male
Parentage Dionysus; The Dodekatheon
Date of Birth April, 1990
Age 22
Occupation Professional Underachiever / Eternal Student
Known Relatives Dr. Joanna Roth (Mother), "Daniel Seville" (Father)
Significant Other Define "Significant".

Brandy Alexander Roth is a young man with the world at his fingertips… and he doesn't really give a damn about it. More commonly known around the Toronto streets as Hooch, especially around the University of Toronto where he has chosen to spend the rest of his life. A consummate slacker and underachiever by choice, Hooch thrives on what he refers to as the PSA's: Partying, Sex, and Alcohol.

Oh, by the way, he's also a Demigod. Proud of it. People that know of this shit, know he's one. He and his father, Dionysus, are cool even though they are on opposite sides of alignment or whatever. Hooch is a pretty well known Dark Sider… because he throws one Hell of a party.

Get it?

God Damn It

So. Let's get one thing out in the open right now, okay? Gods, Goddesses, Monsters… all that shit is real.


I was born sometime in April, I don't even really remember when. It doesn't really matter since aging rapidly like you mortals ain't necessarily in my cards. Anyway, my Mom got fucked by some guy named Daniel Seville. Except, turns out that he was really Dionysus…. which you people consider to be a Greek God or some shit. Anyway, Moms had me and that was that.

We only occasionally saw Daddysus, whenever he needed a couch to sleep off a night of party rockin'. Or whenever he wanted to come through and try to take me to strip clubs. Shit like that. He's pretty boss, like that. My Mom, on the other nostril, is kind of a stickler for the rules and has morals and shit. Which is kinda' cool, I guess. She never really ever kicked Daddysus out. So I guess she loves him or whatever.


So when I turned fifteen, which I guess is like Cummin' Of Age or somethin', Daddysus dragged me off to Labyrinth Nightclub (which is where he works or some shit, I dunno) and threw me a big ass party. Oh, this is also where he told me I'm a Demi-God and he was Dionysus and all that shit. I was like: Fatha' Please. But it was true. He proved it by turning Sprite into Vodka.

I love that trick.

So we got wasted and that was that. Somehow I graduated high school and the only reason I actually got into the University of Toronto is because my mom's the Dean of Admissions there and hooked it up. That's where I've been. Living it up on campus, throwing parties and having way too much sex. Or not enough sex.

Welp. That's my life. It's awesome, I know. And you get to be a part of it now! So saddle up, Brokeback and let's get this motherfuckin' party started!

Oh. One more thing.


Don't Do Drugs.

Drunk Fu

Good Genes

"By The Power of Dionysus!!"

As the son of Dionysus, Hooch has access to a host of different abilities that stem from the God of Wine, Ritual Madness and Ecstasy. Hooch has no real control over which abilities manifest within him, as that is up to the godly genetics, but he can and will be capable of using them in a variety of ways. Hooch, of course, is not exactly a warrior by any stretch of the imagination, but his wildly unpredictable mind allows him chance to solidify a creative application of these abilities and thus make himself a more formidable opponent than most would give him credit for.

Drink Up Hooch has the ability to take any form of liquid and turn it into something on the more intoxicating side of the spectrum. Wine happens to be the default setting, however, with a little bit of concentration he can create various other styles of alcoholic beverages… including mixed drinks and the like. This ability also allows him the ability to increase the potency of already alcoholic beverages. Hooch must be able to touch the container or the liquid itself to be capable of using this ability.
Party Bus One of Hooch's most well-used abilities is a very specific form of teleportation. Hooch has the ability to travel through parties. Whenever, wherever, there is a party, Hooch can transport himself (and no more than three passengers) to the party within an instant. This only works one way, though, as he cannot teleport to a location that is not having a party. Also, this ability can be misused or involuntary if Hooch is in an emotionally fragile state or feeling down or depressed.
Rave Hooch has the ability to incite madness within the minds of others. Madness or insanity, whatever you want to call it. It works in direct contrast to the target's willpower, of course, with a few caveats. Hooch can create this in Mortals with the ease of Eye Contact. Other Demigods and Mythological creatures will need to be Touched. Gods and Goddesses are Immune, as are Titans. Hooch's brand of insanity is a special case and cannot be cured by normal means or medication. Divinity of some sort is needed.
Professor xXx Hooch has a very specific form of mind control. By nature of being the son of the God of Ecstasy, Hooch has an incredible mastery over creatures of sex and lust. This is not to say that they answer to him or anything like that, but he is capable of using telepathic abilities in regards to them, allowing him to see into their minds, see through their eyes, exhibit some control over them and other things of that nature. He is also capable of using this ability to incite a blissful feeling of pure ecstasy within Mortals. If You Know What I Mean.
Functional Alcoholic Traversing way beyond that of the likes of a Mortal's functional alcoholism, Hooch's transcends mortality with ease. While heavily intoxicated, Hooch becomes a more focused and capable individual than ever before. He can operate heavy machinery, cook, clean, do math and a host of other things… anything that he puts his mind to. He literally becomes a Savant in whatever he attempts to do. Except use any of his demigodly powers.
Elixir Hooch has such a direct connection to alcoholic beverages that they are capable of healing him. Whether they are consumed or used in a topical manner, such as pouring vodka on a wound, alcohol gives Hooch strength and helps to keep him alive. It may only work on injuries and wounds of a more "normal" nature. Attempting to fix or cure magic/divine induced injuries or ailments may need alcoholic beverages that have been blessed.
Potions Master Hooch has the ability to create a "special drinks" that can have varying effects on others. These drinks are mixed in much the same way as normal drinks are, but they are infused with specific ingredients or elements of a more divine nature which allows them to be more "magic" than alcoholic beverages.

Power Ups

"And now for my next trick…!"

Brutal Honesty A drink that effectively acts as a truth serum. Works easily on Mortals and Demigods; Larger/Stronger doses needed to effect Titans or Gods. Fairly difficult to make.
Temper Tantrum A drink that effectively unleashes a person's rage. Works easily on Mortals and Demigods; Larger/Stronger doses needed to effect Titans or Gods. Fairly simple to make.
Divine Wine Unfathomably powerful wine that can ascend a Demigod to Godhood on a temporary basis. Fatal to Mortals, Toxic to Titans, 'Just Wine' to Gods. Hooch carries what seems to be a never-ending supply in a special flask that's marked with a crown of ivy on it. Highly addictive to Demigods.
9 A drink that effectively acts as a love potion. Works on Mortals with ease. May work on select Demigods who do not have natural immunities to such things. Extremely difficult to make. Requires Ritual, Sacrifice and the Blood of Aphrodite. Good Luck.

Mortal Coils


Instant Intoxication As the son of the God of Wine, it does not take more than one drink to get Hooch drunk. He is, for the most part, an extremely lightweight when it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages. Granted, he also sobers up faster than any Mortal ever would. Again, on the downside, though the more drunk Hooch is, the less in control of his abilities he is. Figures, right?
Sex Addiction Yeah. Hooch is addicted to sex. Like, to the point where he probably should be in rehab about it.
Blood/Alcohol Level Hooch is, more or less, fueled by alcohol. He must consume alcohol on a regular basis to survive. The more alcohol he consumes, the more powerful he becomes. However, the more intoxicated he becomes, the more uncontrollable his powers and abilities are. If he goes without alcohol in his system for an extended period of time, he risks being weak, falling into a comatose state or death.
Drugs Hooch is highly susceptible and sickened by unnatural drugs. Anything that has been synthesized or created in a lab or anything that is beyond what is whole and natural in substance, can and will make Hooch violently ill or sick. These types of drugs are hazardous to the health of such a natural flavored demigod. They are, in essence, his Kryptonite.
Cult Following Hooch suffers from being too liked. Those that spent a lot of time around him will find themselves wanting to continue this up. Or find themselves starting to take his words as "orders" or too literal. This is something that Hooch needs to pay attention to, if he doesn't want others to get caught up in whatever he's got coming down on his head. Unfortunately, Hooch doesn't.

Those People Over There


The Family That Prays

Sex Drive

Just Friends

Bros. Platonic Peeps. Mortals/Gods/Whatevs.

Enemy Of The State

YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Because I will beat your ass. Or something.

Shit That Demigods Say


Trivial Pursuit

Trivia! Random Facts of Hilarity! Etc!

Kidz Bop


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