Apocalypse now-ish.

Enemy Dossier + Survivor Journals + State of the World

You managed to survive the first six months of the terrifying alien invasion that took Earth by surprise one overly balmy summer day in April. The US army managed to hold out commendably for three months but it's been just as long since a patrol's been seen on the ruined streets — and the enemy comes out far more often. You were lucky — hah, lucky! — and wound up with a small group in a bunker with a former general who seemed like he could take care of you, but lately his behavior's become more and more erratic, and supplies are quickly dwindling without proper maintenance.

Supply Amount
Food Low
Water Low
Clothes Moderate
Weapons Moderate
Medicine Out
Entertainment Low
Morale Moderate

Survivor Check-In
Name Age Former Job Detail Look
Vince Radon 55 Army General Leader Mitch Pileggi
Dani Foster 33 School Teacher Thinking on it Zoe Saldana
Julius Webb 41 Evolutionary Biologist TBD Dayo Ade
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