Enemy Dossiers


Little disease-ridden beasts, these nimble and small creatures are about palm-sized and can deliver a nasty bite almost instantly if allowed to get near you. They can bite through a layer of normal clothes but not armor. They tend to travel in packs and are easily exploded but should be tackled from a distance. They make a 'skittering' noise when moving that can alert you to their presence life-saving minutes beforehand if you're careful enough to hear. little fuckers, swarmers
Similar to grasshoppers in design, these creatures are weaker but preternaturally fast and able to scale buildings in seconds. They are not particularly dangerous except for their ability to scope out areas: usually, sighting a hopper means more aliens are soon on the way, if it sees anything useful. You'll want to stay out of one's sights. hoppers, bugs
The heavy-load bearing aliens in this war; they are not commonly seen in the war-ravaged city but on the front lines. It's said that when one falls, another sprouts out of its corpse. $@#@(*#@)(#
These 8 foot tall monsters are 6 feet of legs, earning them their name. They also have pincers in the front and no visible eyes outside of the hard shell over-top. Their lone vulnerable spot appears to be the sac that hangs down in the bottom center, but it is the most easy to hit when it is full of the people it's captured which also endangers the people as it increases the change you'll hit one of them instead. harvesters, pouches, kangaroos
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