Jackson St. James
Jackson St. James
Real Name Jackson St. James
Pseudonyms Jackson James , 006
Height 190 cm
Weight 88 kg
DOB December (Early 30s)
Nationality English
Affiliation MI-6
Base of Operations SIS Building, Vauxhall Cross, London, England
Security Level SCI
Position Covert Operative, 00 Status
Specialties Espionage, Counter-Intelligence, Infiltration, Saving The World, Women
Known Associates Genevieve Elwick (Q Branch)
Played By Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Die Another Day

Very little is known about St. James' past. Records indicate that he was born in the Brixton area of London to a poor couple. He was soon orphaned when his parents were killed in an accident. He was taken in by a well off couple that could not have children of their own. Under their care, St. James was given an opportunity to attend the best schools in the region. His natural intelligence and work ethic allowed him to graduate with both ease and honors, as he excelled in a variety of academic areas.

Jackson was sought after by MI-6 in a recruiting drive at Oxford. He initially declined a position within the organization. However, when it was revealed that his foster parents had been cleverly placed agents designed to both protect and prepare him for his future with the organization, Jackson fought his initial feelings of betrayal long enough to see his foster parents murdered in cold blood. He attempted to fight the man that killed them, but he was raw and untrained.

Consumed by guilt, Jackson St. James infiltrated the SIS building with a skill that no one before him had been capable of performing. Once inside, he fought his way to the Deputy Director and demanded information on both his biological parents and the agents that posed as his foster parents. Unwilling to give out this information to a mere civilian, an agreement was reached between the two. St. James would train to become an agent of MI-6 and at the completion of his training if he was still hell bent on vengeance than she would give him the information. However, at the end of his training if he saw that there were more important things than his personal vendetta then he would have a job and a purpose.

Jackson was born for field agent status, as he received high marks and broke records in most of his training. He excelled in a variety of areas and by the time training was complete, he was still an angry and vengeful child. All that had changed was that he now possessed the skills needed to do what he could not before. Still, the Deputy Director refused to give up the information… so Jackson took it himself and set out on a mission of revenge.

Using stolen MI-6 resources, Jackson tracked down the murderer of his parents to a villa off the coast of Brazil. His excellent infiltration skills allowed him to get access to the villa and from there he fought his way through various violent obstacles to get to his vengeance… only to hesitate when it came time to kill him. This hesitation almost cost him his life. St. James was shot and left for dead, unable to do much more than bleed out until he lost consciousness.

St. James awoke in the MI-6 Infirmary where he was told that his parents murderer had been dealt with accordingly. Jackson knew that he owed the organization his life and when the Deputy Director once again requested for him to join he couldn't refuse. After making a full recovery, Jackson St. James was sworn into Her Majesty's Secret Service. Within a year he had managed to acquire "00" status, making him one of the youngest to ever do it. Since then he has been one of MI-6's most valuable assets and will continue to do so until he no longer has a breath in his body.

Luckily, he can always Die Another Day.

Remarkable natural ability has been combined with long hours within the MI-6 shooting range to perfect Jackson St. James' accuracy to incredibly obnoxious levels. He is, for all intents and purposes, a crack shot. He very rarely misses an intended target and possesses the knowledge to compensate for hazardous conditions, distractions and various other obstacles that could prevent him from getting off the perfect shot. While he is extremely good in this area, he is not the best in the world or anything of that nature, as even the MI-6 Instructors are still beyond St. James' talents in this field.

Urban Pursuit
Jackson St. James is well versed in urban landscapes and the traversing of them on foot. In some twisted combination of Parkour and Street Acrobatics, St. James is a man capable of chasing down his foes on foot with relative ease. He has been known to give chase across rooftops, on top of moving trains and other dangerous locations of a more urban civilization nature. He is one of the best "on foot" pursuit agents within MI-6.

Jackson St. James currently holds the agency record in the obstacle course.

Stealth & Infiltration
St. James excels in the art of stealth and infiltration. Whether he is spending his moments blending in with the scenery or using a more "all eyes on me" approach, St. James has a particular gift for getting where he needs to be, when he needs to be there. He has been trained in basic forms of covert operations and undercover work and will use these skills, as well as some of his own, to gain access to facilities, clubs, casinos, whatever is on the docket for his mission.

Unorthodox Interrogation
Jackson St. James has a way of interrogating his targets without actually going through the motions of an actual interrogation. He prefers to gather intel in the more classic sense, through conversation or sex with a beautiful woman that has access to the information that he needs. He has no real sense of morality when it comes to gathering intel and will use some of the more socially unacceptable methods to obtain such.

Cheating Death
Jackson St. James has a nasty habit of surviving. Whether he's been locked into an overdramatic death trap or shot and left for dead, St. James seems to almost always find a way to survive. He is a very capable and resourceful individual, capable of using his wits, his environment and whatever else may be within his reach to counteract whatever threat to his health and safety may be on the horizon.

Martial Arts
Jackson St. James has extensive training from within MI-6 to be capable of handling himself against a variety of opponents at the same time. He's well practiced in an array of fighting styles, all thrown together into one neat British package. While he is not a master of any of these art forms, he can provide his foes with a worthy opponent should the need to get physical arise.

Jackson St. James takes the bulk of his martial arts prowess from the styles of Savate and Judo.


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