Jacqueline "Jack" Carter

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Casting: Emilia Clarke
Date of Birth: April 21, 1990
Age: 22
Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Rookie
Ability: Phasing (erase this if human!)
Power Grade: ➀➁➌ⒶⓅ
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song: "Naive" by The Jealous Sound

Jacqueline "Jack" Carter is a recent graduate of the police academy, Jack is as green as they come, complete with distinct feelings of invincibility thanks to her ability. On the plus side, her rebellious past managed to give her a few street smarts, yet even these don't always compensate for the wisdom afforded by experience.



Jacqueline Amelia Carter (JAC) was born on a stormy day in California. But that would only be the first of the many storms her parents would endure throughout their youngest child's upbringing. Karen and Tyler Carter were a pair of philosophy professors teaching at the University of San Francisco, one specializing in ontology and the other in epistemology. Their first two children would follow in their footsteps as academics (although no philosophers). Jack, however, would lead a very different life. From the start she proved to be difficult compared to the others.

And the difficulties started early. It was in grade one that it became obvious that Jack had little interest in school. Even as a young child she tried to find her way out of class whatever the cost. And the pattern only worsened into her adolescence. In fact, in middle school her attendance record was spotty at best, yet somehow she still aced exams. Evidently her IQ was quite high, but her interest incredibly low. She often skipped school and took to smoking across the street outside 7-11 rather than practicing algebra in class.

Finally deciding that school was obviously not challenging enough for their youngest, Karen and Tyler made an executive decision to homeschool Jack. This only made the situation worse. She rebelled more, started sneaking out of the house, and got into regular screaming matches with her mother. Sometimes she'd be escorted home by police in some state of disarray. Which is probably why her parents finally sent her to boarding school where she would, quite conveniently, become someone else's problem.

None of her family really understood exactly how it happened, but following a few years in boarding school, she changed. Considerably. On summer breaks she seemed to sneak out less, cooperated more, and even told her parents where she was going and how long she'd be gone. At least most of the time. Enough that no one seemed to notice when she would randomly choose to sneak out.

At seventeen, while back at boarding school, however, she began dropping things. Small things at first. Paper clips. Pens. Pencils. Her newfound clumsiness was unbelivably inconvenient. Then the items began to get larger. Books. Paper. And then eventually it was more than her hands. Her entire body began to phase. Like out of her clothes. And bam. There it was, she was evolved. And phased in and out of things. And so she began training with her ability, learning to harness it and keep objects with her when phasing.

Only Jack knows whether her phasing ability played a factor in her decision to pursue a career in law enforcement, although many suspect it had its influence. With her already fearless attitude, phasing made it incredibly easy to feel invincible. And becoming a cop seemed only a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Upon graduation she enrolled at the local university in Criminology, studies that would eventually take her to the police academy, and then, finally graduation.

And so she's started her career. Fresh. Naive. Green. And convinced of her own invincibility.


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