Jill Rey
Portrayed By Rashida Jones
Gender Female
Parentage Kuk (Kauket); The Pesedjet
Alignment Unaligned
Date of Birth May 27
Age 33
Occupation Interior Decorator
Known Relatives ?!
Significant Other None


The ush'. Adopted, Jill grew up having a normal human life, full of a mishmash of human cultures and generally normal events. The usual trials and tribulations but nothing of particular drama, even though she could be a bit of a spaz, unorganized in everything but her environment— she stumbled into interior decorating after becoming obsessed with the concept of Feng Shui (by far the most— only— "Zen" aspect of her life).

Her day-to-day, as she knows it now, is a simple life that tends to fluctuate between happy-go-lucky and overly stressful, a jumble of work and rolling around in various forms of media, pop culture, cocktails, and loud dinners with her very human family. She has exactly no idea about any of this "demigod" business.



Jill is sensitive to energy in spaces, beings, and objects. She can feel and see the flow of it through a room and tell if someone or something is "off" or "amped" due to divine intervention, or even just through a person's extreme emotions manifesting in their energy.
She has no clue, however, that this is an odd power for a person to have; she's just a little… aware of the world, that's all, right? The rest of powers are currently locked away, in need of an extra nudge to be released.



The Hell Mix - 28 Jan 2013 23:06

  • Meet Hooch and Jill. While Jill works at a client's home, she has the experience of meeting her...

hooch jill

Jerk & Jill - 05 Apr 2013 23:25

  • The second meeting of Hooch and his mom's interior decorator Jill isn't exactly what he wanted....

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Crash Course - 24 Oct 2013 17:10

  • Jill gets a surprise guest? ??? ?????? Jill's Apt., Toronto, ON KRIS YOU DECIDE Best quote ...

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Dr. Joanna Roth » "Your mom wanted me to re-energize her corners. That— that — that wasn't … an innuendo…"

Client. Dean of Admissions at U of T. She's. Cool. She's just really cool. No you shut up. Wait, what was the question?

Hooch » "Wwwooooowww, no. You're gross."

Joanna's son. This guy is a horn-dog and he's just kind of weird on top of that. He reminds me of my college days. In the worst ways. Hung-overness doesn't excuse the fact that you make me want to perpetually wear a full-body garbage bag, dude. Wait, that sounds weird too. Can I start over?

Ophelia Francis »



"You're like an untrained dog. Which, by the way, I'm terrible at training, they just revenge-eat my socks and pee on me, so like, don't get your hopes up. And don't do … a— any of that please." — Jerk & Jill

"And— and— your statistics are stupid and you have something on your nose!" — Jerk & Jill



★ Jill does set design here and there for stage productions — right now, she regularly helps out at The Village Playhouse. A natural extension of her passion for decoration and design, it's a hobby for her, although it occasionally stresses her out more than her regular job. The things we do for art.

University of Toronto alum.

★ She can sing and was involved in Drama in her youth but doesn't exactly advertise this fact.

★ Jill currently has no clue that one of her biological parents is a god; she's in the dark. So, however, is the Pesedjet; Kuk/Kauket, elusive and difficult to understand, is one of the more primitive and mysterious figures in the pantheon, preferring to lurk in darkness and chaos and appearing in multiple forms when interacting.

★ More to the point, though:

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