Portrayed By Kaley Cuoco
Gender Female
Species Muse
Alignment ???
Date of Birth 1987 (according to her license)
Age 26???
Profession Groupie?
Mission Inspire
Significant Other None

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” — Jane Goodall

Loyalty Abounds

Great men and women always have people that motivate and inspire them to be great. Greatness has always required cultivation, mastery, and inspiration, often failing to manifest itself without the right motivation at the right time. Muses provide that level of motivation in a way others can't.

They encourage courage, inspire artistry, and even

So Ah-MUSE-ing

Kleo, as a Muse, has a long-standing history with inspiring 'important' mortals (and sometimes immortals) throughout the ages. While mortal herself, Muses are granted extraordinarily long lives, making it hard to know exactly how old she is.

Monkey See, Monkey Do Amity is a ridiculous fast-learner of motion. As such she picks up martial arts and dance far quicker than most. She has enhanced muscle memory and learns faster than most.
What Doesn't Kill Me… When caught in conflict of any kind, Amity's muscles become strengthened. Her body feeds off discord and negativity, thereby strengthening her when these things are present.
"I'm very bendy" Amity has superhuman flexibility and agility. She was made for war and conflict.
Fight or Flight Adrenaline amps up each of Amity's abilities, and standing in conflict only increases each of the above. Harmony does little to help her abilities.
Feelings Amity also has an extreme form of empathy. She taps into emotions in ways she can't quite understand.


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