"Think of it like… something else. Maybe you can focus better by not thinking at all? I didn't mean it that way, it just kind of feels like you're getting in your own way— "

Casting: Anton Yelchin
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Place of Birth: Shingra
Occupation: Lackey

Kyp Nooro is one of the first class of the New Republic's Jedi Academy. His training has begun, but he's not finished yet. There's more to learn. Much more to learn. He's quite wet behind the ears…


"Underneath the beds," she'd urged, pushing each of the younglings underneath whatever surfaces would yield any protection. Her dark hair had clung to her face— the curls now only mattes, poor reflections of what she'd be remembered as. In everything all of her children saw her as beautiful, a world above all others. Gentle, kind, yet passionate. A fighter. But the memories would become more distant with time; more removed, less clear. Fuzziness would seep into conscious minds. Fuzziness. And anger.

The sound of marching announced the change.

Underneath their beds they maintained their stillness. Silence. Underneath the beds they'd be safe. It was implied. But not even the monsters that hid underneath the beds could yield much in the way of protection. Not when Kai, who was scarcely two, ran out at his mother's cry. Seven year old Kyra bolted after him, leaving five-year-old Kyp alone for just a moment. Left to his own devices underneath the frame. Left to the world of the shadows and monsters he'd always envisioned hiding out underneath his mattress… until one of the mosters outside found him.

The trio were taken to a facility where things happened.

A lot of things happened.

Things that Kyp hasn't and won't talk about. Things that only the scars reveal.

It's not that the place was without its own education. It's that the facility was more than a school. More than a training ground.

While they saw each other, touch and talk were out of the question— their age groups alone divided them, causing them some schism in their family. But Kyp watched for them when he could, at those strange moments when all of those in the facility were allowed into the same space.

But over the years, things started changing within the facility, and particularly in Kyp's interface with it. They started as small changes. After all of the testing had been completed, Kyp found himself in smaller and smaller groups. Like those at the Empire based facility were finding something. Or perhaps getting closer to whatever their goal. Moments where he could even steal a glance at Kyra or Kai became rare.

While it was a prison, those that lived within it felt it relatively normal at the time. Like everyone endured experimentation. Like everyone faced daily doctrination. Like everyone tried to earn the favour of guard adults. Like everyone spent their days in relative isolation, with only limited contact to anyone else their age. The world outside seemed like a distant memory. Except the air. The air had a musty quality, made worse by the stench of bleach and cleaning solution intended to cover up whatever must the experiments caused.

And then one day twelve year old Kyp was pushed just a little too far. Just a little too much. Anger and hatred for his prison built up. And his frustration became unleashed on the wall of his very small quarters. And the anger piqued someone else's interest.

Kyp would never call her anything but Master. In a way she was his salvation. His guilt-ridden salvation. One of the Emperor's Hands, the Lady would start the first leg of her training, promising him a life as one of the Emperor's Hands later. He didn't know what this meant.

And he never would. The Battle at Endor promised that. The Rebels won. The Lady was incensed. Her apprentice felt every piece of that anger.

She retreated to one of the planets, her apprentice in tow. She'd do what her Master had achieved. She'd build up her own ranks. They'd become reestablished. A new Sith army. Forget the Stormtroopers. Rely on the power.

Until the Rebels went to free Shingra… with Kyra in their ranks. She looked like their mother. Like he'd remembered her.

The Lady retreated, leaving the small group of force-sensitives behind— she'd be back. She promised that.

That was three years ago.

Building trust with the New Republic has been challenging, but Kyp has sufficiently proven himself disinterested in what the Empire had to offer. And now he's been shipped off to Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Academy. Unsure… of himself.


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Story Points — GM Knowledge (Can include open ended points/questions)

  • The purpose for the facility remains unknown
  • Kyp and his siblings were renamed at the facility; he doesn't remember his 'real' name
  • Kyp doesn't really know where he's from; just where the squadron found him
  • Kyra only has vague recollections of Kyp
  • Kai is still at large
  • The Lady is at large
  • I have no idea what happened to Kyp's parents
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