Blessings, Weapons, and other Treasures

Blessings are gifts bestowed upon demigods by their parent. They may come in the form of a physical gift (The Golden Fleece, The Falcon Cloak, The Armor of Thor, etc. … in this case the artifacts would have a modern twist; Fleece might be a sweatshirt, the Cloak a blanket, the Armor a motorcycle jacket, etc.) or a special interaction or training that activates their demigod powers.

Often, the demigod will not even know they are being bestowed a Blessing by their very own parent; some gods prefer their identity to remain unknown, choosing to guide their child under the guise of giving them what they desire in their mortal life and underhandedly attempt to set them on a certain path.


250px-%C3%84gyptischer_Maler_um_1360_v._Chr._001.jpg THE TRUE NAME
OF OSIRIS (rumored)
Given to Sebastian by Isis. With a true name, the user can invoke that being's spirit and utilize their powers for a limited time.

Weapons and Armor

peleus.jpg THE SWORD OF PELEUS Once belonging to a Greek hero, this sword was eventually passed on to family of nymphs as protection, handed down through their diminishing generations. It has since been stolen in the modern age, only to surface as evidence in a Toronto murder case.

Known traits: Grants the wielder an increased chance of hitting their target when on the hunt.

photo.JPG MJOLNIR Currently possessed by Honey Bennett. Originally a hammer wielded by the Aesir god Thor, it was melted down by the last of the cyclops centuries ago and reconstructed into a firearm. As technology advanced, so did Mjolnir. Sightings have described it as a different gun every time, always with the same inscription as it once held: Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

Known traits: Indestructible, fires any ammo, cannot be wielded except by its rightful owner.


THE GOLDEN FLEECE Currently possessed by Argo Business Corp. The fleece is in the trust of the mortals, and hangs in the CEO's office above his desk. It represents kingship and legitimacy and ensures that the correct representative remains in power.

Known traits: None.

THE LESSER KEY OF SOLOMON Currently possessed by Abaddon. A 17th century grimoire, in five parts, detailing the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia, along with certain prayers and spells required to summon them. Copies of the information are available in libraries and online, but it's rumored that the original tome contains additional, dangerous knowledge.

Known traits: None.

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