Legendary Roster


Perhaps the most common of characters will be Demigods. Also referred to as Scions, these are the offspring of Gods/Goddesses of the various Pantheons and a mortal. They are usually born with some relatable abilities to their Divine Parent, but on a much smaller scale. It is rumored that Demigods can ascend to Godhood, but the journey is long, dangerous and nigh-impossible.

Name Divine Parentage Position Alignment Status Actor
Jill Rey Kuk/Kauket Interior Decorator Unaligned Taken (Amy) Rashida Jones
Micah Cabello Micintecuhtli Bartender Rogue Taken (Chris) Gael Garcia Bernal
Aster Woodhouse Loki Bartender Light Taken (Amy) Laura Allen
Brandy "Hooch" Roth Dionysus Professional Underachiever Dark Taken (Jay) Dylan O'Brien
Jack Rabbit Hermes Wild Card / Courier Unaligned Taken (Jay) Nolan Gerard Funk
Mira Singh Agni Criminal Defense Lawyer Unaligned Taken (Chris) Nosheen Phoenix
Sebastian Bey Isis Retail Unaligned Taken (Chris) Rami Malek
Honey Bennett Thor Runaway Light Taken (Chris) Chloe Moretz
Marjory MacLellan Morrigan Self-Proclaimed Warrior Unaligned Taken (Amy) Sophie Turner
Amity Rey Eris Wanderer TBD Taken (Kris) Jessica Brown Findlay


Considering that an ages old war is happening on Earth, there are bound to be mortals involved or caught in the crossfire. Mortals can play a crucial role in the war, if they are positioned correctly or used accordingly. They may also attempt to rise up and do battle against the Gods that seek to control them completely, for varying reasons. Most mortals do not know of the secret war being waged around them. But what's to say things will stay that way?

Name Position Status Actor
Ophelia Francis Post-Grad Taken (Chris) Cameron Richardson
Lisa Coolridge Epica Actressia Extraodinairia Taken (Jay) Sophia Bush
Alexandra Morgan Hunter of Supernatural Taken (Margaret) Jennifer Lawrence
Zander Morgan Hunter of Supernatural Taken (Jay) Taylor Kitsch
Jasmine Jones Hunter of Supernatural Taken (Chris) Ksenia Solo
Ashley Rush Thief Taken (Jay) Dave Franco
Annabelle Neely Police Constable Taken (Chris) Shannyn Sossamon
Dominick Maslow Police Constable Taken (Amy) Matthew Rhys


Lesser known but twisted and dangerous are the offspring of Gods and Goddesses that have come to be known as Titans. A Titan is created when Divinity from different Pantheons conceive a child. Unlike Demigods, Titans are born/created with great power and immortality. Rumor has it that Gods/Goddesses cannot destroy a Titan due to Titans being Gods themselves. Thus, the task of destroying them has fallen to the Demigods. Titans are naturally twisted, evil and borderline insane. They live for nothing more than chaos and destruction of both the Gods that parented them and the mortal world they are trapped upon.

Name Divine Parentage Status Actor
Phelan (the Wolf) Baron Samedi (f) + Morrigan (m) Taken (Chris) Rhys Ifans
Vora Ogoun (f) + Tiazoltotl (m) Taken (Amy) Antonio Cupo


Unaligned forces, such as demons, Valkyries, and spirits, these agents have become scarcer in modern times, as civilization and science scoop up all the free room of the Earth. Many have become extinct, others rare, and they're often cut between two tribes: those who believe the gods should help them regain a semblance of their former might, and those who try to scrape a living among the mortals. Many have had their powers halved while taking a human form, and most take jobs from demigods or gods, but there are still those who manage to operate above the Laws, as they used to, and also those, such as the demons, who are doing just fine on their own merits.

Name Species Position Status Voiced By/Actor
Alkaios Minotaur Labyrinth Security NPC Vin Diesel
Alkimos Minotaur Labyrinth Security NPC Vin Diesel
Theo Montreau Demon Convict Taken (Amy) Ryan Robbins
Bo Guernsey Barghest Author/Entrepreneur Chris Joshua Jackson
Moira Grey The Fates Street Psychic Needs Hudson Leick
Samuel Abaddon Archangel (Fallen) Don of Toronto Help Viggo Mortensen
Monty Demon Enforcer Serious Sasha Roiz
Angelica Killjoy Harpy Squatter Help Kaya Scodelario
Kleo Muse Groupie Taken (Kris) Kayley Cuoco


These are the mortals and gods who, while important enough to be known, will most likely remain in the background of any adventures, providing assistance to the heroes (or the villains) without taking a leading part themselves. All gods are considered support, due to their rules over keeping their interactions to minimum without Council approval.

Name Type Role Actor
Dr. Joanna Roth Mortal Hooch's Mother/University of Toronto staff Jill Flint
Dionysus God God of Wine/Club Owner Orny Adams
Trevor Fairbanks Mortal Player for Toronto Maple Leafs Colton Haynes
Mercy Andrews Mortal Human with a Mission Clea DuVall
Robin Goodfellow Fairy Purveyor of Information Martin Short
Anthony Cooper Mortal Argo Corp Deliveryman Seamus Dever
Constable Arkady Centaur Mounted Police Unit/Guide Antonio Te Maioha
Christie Cordov Mortal Hooch Fangirl Olesya Rulin
Jean & Murray Mortals ??? Judy Parfitt & Michael Eklund

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