Leverage: Cast
Starring As Position Taken By
Timothy Hutton Nathan Ford The Mastermind Open
Gina Bellman Sophie Devereaux The Grifter Open
Christian Kane Eliot Spencer The Hitter Josh
Aldis Hodge Alec Hardison The Hacker Jay
Beth Riesgraf Parker The Thief Faith
Jeri Ryan Tara Cole The Other Grifter Open
Mark A. Sheppard Sterling The Evil Nate Open
Wil Wheaton Colin "Chaos" Mason The Evil Hacker Open
Kari Matchett Maggie Collins The Ex-Wife Grey
Richard Chamberlain Archie Leach The Parker Creator Open
Noa Tishby Mikel Dayan The Mercenary Grey

Notes & Thoughts: Considering the close knit nature of this series, original characters and such are wide open. Whether they be on the side of Good, Evil or Somewhere In The Middle. Also, other characters from the series are open and available provided that canonical details haven't written them out in some permanent manner.

Jay's Vote: Somewhere between Season Four and now? Maybe? Dunno. Just a thought.
Grey's Vote: Season Four is available on Netflix up here now so that's probably a good bet, to put it after Season Four.

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