NOTE: Everyone please add their apartment number, out of 10 floors, plus B (basement), on their player page.

Premise: There's something wrong in Lockwood Towers.



Name Position Run By Apt #
Sarah.jpg Sarah Building Security. P.I. Amy B14
smallLucy.jpg Lucy Owner of the Jaberwocky Cafe and lives in the building Margaret 403
john-barrowman-pic.jpg Cyrus Press Secretary Kris 1001
BooneSmall1.jpg Boone Vagabond/Derelict Josh
With Appearances By… Supporting Cast
Earl Phinney Landlord
Maevis Shine Building Manager
Terry Colucci Local Cop
Victoria Whitely Darling Neighbour
Vivian Tapp Oldest Resident
Tara Yu Little Girl
Beth Corey & Galen Corey Residents, Apt. 909
Royce Shareef Resident, Apt. 606
Andrew Friendly New Resident, Apt. 111
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