Another Swan Song

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The abyss of space, interrupted only by stars, the planet below, and the warring vessels, continues well into infinity, only punctuating the fire the Imperial vessels are receiving from the Alliance squadrons warring against them.

While the Rebels may have won the War, they've hardly been without opposition these last seven years. In fact, opposition rounds every corner, and today's is the Battle for Galaan— a planet of the outer rim. Imperials cling to wahtever footholds they can, and today's is particularly clingy.

Two large Imperial Star Destroyers linger just askance of the planet's surface, firing at will on whatever they can. Evidently they don't want to lose Galaan— possibly because they've lost so much already. The Outer Rim is one of the few places that seems even possible to retain.

Seven smaller TIE fighters linger fly through the space, distracting and firing at the incoming Alliance fleet.

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