For Want of a Pen
Jackson heads for the Q-department for more equipment for his upcoming meeting. Unfortunately, he seems to have misplaced his previous gear.

Q-Department: MI-6

December 30th, 2012

"I'm afraid I left it in my other pants."

And here comes St. James. One of MI-6's top agents. And also the one that never really brings any equipment back. Intact. Or even in any kind of working order. In fact, he tends to destroy/break/ruin more equipment than whole teams of other agents. But then, he gets the job done so that just kind of works out, doesn't it? He's in a suit, as per the usual, as he strolls into the Q Branch as if he owns the place. He's got a manila folder in hand, with his latest assignment, but he's pretty sure that Q Branch has been alerted to him coming this way. Which probably means he's going to have a bunch of new toys to play with. Which could be why he's already smiling before he even sees the tech-head of the day. It's that 'can't wait to see what I get today' smile.

"Ah ah ah!" As soon as St. James enters into Q-branch the young sounding voice of the new Quartermaster can be heard from…well, somewhere. It looks like she's hiding under a table, but she's in fact rewiring one of the mainframe computers. Dressed in a bright red dress decked out with a tool belt and what looks like a necklace of multi-colored wires, her head pops out from underneath the desk to glance at St. James, raise an eyebrow and then disappear again. Her disembodied voice carries, however. "Why Jackson St. James. Did you bring back my pen?" Knowing the spy who borrowed it, that may just be a rhetorical question.

"I'm afraid I left it in my other pants. You're welcome to search me." St. James just offers a wry smile at this statement, while making sure to blatantly give Genny the once over. Twice. He's more than willing to flirt his way out of trouble, if that's going to get him so new toys. "I can't be held responsible for whatever else you find." Not that he's more than capable of seeing if he's carrying the pen himself. But it's so much more fun to mess with Genny, instead.

The new girl on campus, Genny is used to getting ribbed here and there. Sliding out from underneath the desk, she stands. She's a diminutive woman, but she makes up for it with gumption. "Oh, well, if we're making such claims as that does that mean I get to keep whatever else I find?" With a broad grin, she unwraps some of the multi-colored wires from around her neck. "You promised you'd keep that pen safe for me. It was my favorite writing utensil. It could write in space, that pen could. I'm not sure I could trust you with multi-million dollar equipment if you couldn't keep something as simple as my favorite pen safe." The smirk is still present while she speaks. It seems just as likely that she's messing with him as he is with her. Stepping around the desk, she gives St. James a once over herself. "You realize if you submit to a search it's likely to be a strip search. And in front of all these people."

"I can see how that'd be a bit of a problem. I'm sure you'd much rather have me all to yourself." St. James just cracks another smile, before holding up his folder to move this along to more important matters. Which, well, are saving the world. "Mum sent me down with a shopping list. Think you can help me out?" He keeps that smile working on his face to see if he can't send Genny into Blushing Mode. Or something. It's just the way he kind of works when he's down here. It's always fun to mess with the technobabble masters.

While it must be fun to mess with them, Genny isn't quite the type to blush. She shows her favor in other means. And while sometimes that might be a bit disappointing to St. James, it's all that she can do, really. "Ah, well, I would love to be able to sign off on it. However, without a pen, that makes things quite difficult, don't you think?" All the same, she takes the folder from him and starts to scan through the items earmarked for his next mission. A shopping list indeed! "Most of these should not be a problem, but the last breathing apparatus you borrowed from us ended up at the bottom of the Rhine and it was one of a kind. It will take us, ooohhh, let's see, about a couple of hours for me to conjure up a new one for you. I hope that fits in with your very important life saving schedule."

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