Serenity comes to roost — in a port a little higher than its usual standards, requiring them to live a little in Inara's world. Again. Cause it went so gorram well the last time.

Buress Household, Private Dock


A graceful bird on the soft breeze of Paquin's upper class district, the Serenity wafts quietly down towards the designated private landing pad of Galen Buress, gentleman and politician— a rare and somewhat contended combination — before dramatically losing all caution and direction, letting her nose dunk too low before compensating too hard and finally landing with a burst of smoke from the engine and a plunk that shakes every metal-and-gum panel. She is, without a doubt, completely and utterly without gas. A fact Wash has been pushing since the upper atmo, and leading to their gracious captain's decision to land the entire rig at the doorstep of Inara's prestigious client, rather than burst smoke and plunk somewhere halfway between there and the industrial side of the planet, where such work as they needed could be waiting. A fact Wash has been lamenting since the upper atmo.

"It's just… I don't see what woulda been so wrong with landin' us even a little close to our actual target," the pilot laments— timed particularly for when his gracious wife is present rather than his gracious captain, that is. "I mean, we got us the wheels. Somebody— preferably Jayne— could've just— " he thrusts a hand forward, simulating motion, "and," then backwards, "with the fuel."

Smiling with just a precise crimp of her mouth, Zoe runs a reassuring hand over her husband's shoulder, "Captain does what Captain does."

"Yeah, well," attempting to keep irritated under his lady's massage proves difficult, and Wash's voice loses steam as quickly as his vehicle, "If Captain does want to go anywhere again… guess we'd better make arrangements." Like lower the cargo ramp, which he does with a jab of his hand, releasing the sight of the ship's cargo-loaded hold as well as the stench of that last engine whiff. "It's a good thing Inara's so classy."

* * *

Someone in the depths of Engineering, another crewmember complains just as loud (or perhaps louder) than Wash. "Serenity don't like it," Kaylee is adamant from her perch in the cargo hold. "She's been complaining fer more a quarter the 'verse and she kin tell she weren't meant for this." Of course, most could tell the Firefly class ship wasn't meant to run on so little fuel, particularly with the steam that had emitted from the bulkhead. The smell of burned fumes is worse on this side of the ship. "We'll be lucky if we kin git the smell out in a week."

She crosses her legs underneath her, and even as the door opens does nothing to move. Not yet, anyways. Her head cants towards whoever she's talking to expectantly before her blackened grease stained hands trail underneath her. Despite her thoughts, she manages to issue those present a brief curl of her lips— a minor comfort to herself, her optimism, and, perhaps, her colleagues. Her engineering jumper has seen better days, mostly because Serenity really did complain during the last leg of the journey. Like her hands, the grease stains are ever present upon this particular piece of apparel. "I kin fix it," she says confidently as she stares at the open cargohold and the light. But the confidence fades some as she tacks on a quiet, "probably," to the end of her sentence. Evidently her confidence is waning today.

And then, quieter, she nearly whispers, "Inara ain't gonna like this— "

The person in question that Kaylee is talking to is the Captain who has been listening to his genius engineer complain about the fumes for far longer than he would like. "Yeah, well, you should care less 'bout what Inara likes and more 'bout what I like. I'm the one that pays for your bread, you 'member that." The Captain's mood has not improved since his last outburst. In fact, it's possible that it's worse. "The only thing she gets a say over on my boat is her shuttle and that's as long as she pays for it. You remember that, little Kaylee. And you show me the respect as I deserve as your Captain." It's hard for him to be hard on the young engineer, as he likes her too much. "Now, go find somethin' weird and girly while I rustle us up some honest thievin' to be had."

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