Placing the Blame

Andrea and Rick are now alone outside of Woordbury. It's a long walk back to the prison. There's a lot of blame to go around.

The Woods



The walk was slow and silent. Andrea counted steps for awhile, but her thoughts would drift and she would lose her place. Then, she would look back through the trees. Though she couldn't see Woodbury, the black smoke still scarred the sky in the dimming light. Soon it would be impossible to distinguish it from the dark sky. There was little to distract her from her sad, circular thoughts.


She and Rick had not exchanged any words since the wall at Woodbury. He had his own demons to wrestle with; that was clear. It suited her fine. He had certainly changed from the last time she saw him. She couldn't tell what of that had to do with the grief of losing Daryl and what linked to deeper wounds.



She told him she would be back with Rick. That there was a hope. That the Governor would never have done anything to Maggie or Glenn.


The Governor. Phillip.

She trusted him. She thought he was the answer. That Woodbury could be home. How much of her affection for Woodbury and for Phillip was just projection of how desperate she was for a new community? Did she simply overlook things because she wanted everything to be okay?

How did Michonne know so early how rotten the town was? And why didn't she wait for Andrea? Michonne trusted nothing. Apparently, she didn't even trust Andrea to come around. After being abandoned and chased and hovering on the brink of death for months, all she wanted was a rest. She wanted some peace. She wanted to know that it wasn't all for nothing. That after all that she had been through, that it was possible to return to their old life and they didn't have to wait until the walkers were all gone. Who knows when that would be - they could be around forever.


What would have happened if she had left with Michonne? They would have left together, found another place to hole up for awhile. They would continue to live day to day…or they wouldn't. A walker would get one of them. Or they would starve. Or get sick. Maggie and Glenn would have still ended up in Woodbury's clutches. Daryl would still have been taken captive. The only change is that she wouldn't have been there. Daryl would still have been…

These are all just excuses.

Daryl was dead.

Her hands were just as bloody.


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