Protection of Privacy
Fresh field agent Josephine McRae receives what will be her first assignment, lending additional importance to an already precarious situation.

CIA, Supervisor's Office


The supervisor's office is a small affair, nothing gaudy for the position, except the singular notion of privacy not often given to operatives out in the agent bullpen. An extremely leafy plant, a computer turned away from visitors' prying eyes, and a plague of indistinct value are all that define Supervisor Reynolds from the other clean-suited men and women traipsing efficiently around the CIA building. Having left a summons for Agent McRae upon her arrival Home, the well over sixty Reynolds, with his utterly precise line of balding, lies in wait — rather, he lingers in wait, in front of his own desk, with his hand braced over a file sitting preparedly at its edge. The other hand operates a smart-phone, cautiously the cause of the taut grimace holding his usually saggy mouth captive.

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