Theoretical Gravity

A.C.R.U. Headquarters

October 4th, 2012

"Meanwhile I'm fine, thank you."

ACRU has been in and out of the spotlight, what with the case at Patton State Hospital and the Lonely Hearts Case and many more that have bounced around and slipped through the doors of the hotly contested division of the LAPD. Catching up on the latest paperwork, Harriet Parker pushes through the doors of the lab and into the detective pen with a large stack of folders. The joys of paperwork are about to be passed on to others.

Each folder has been meticulously arranged and organized in order to make it easier for the next people. It should be just a sign each page and move on. However, as she pushes through the door and the stack teeters, Harry tries to correct for gravity. Unfortunately, she overcorrects. And with a squeak of dismay, her stack of papers and folders becomes a pile of disarray on the floor. With a sigh, she stoops down to pick everything up and start again.

"Whoa there now, lady," drifts down from above, lady easygoing without a hint of strict manners; lady like chica, lady like hey, girl. The male voice that almost sounds accented, it's so slow; it's just Kev's lax, lazy tone. He's been been around, a usual fixture no matter what's going on — not working with enough focus to miss Harry's battle with gravity, he stands awaiting the woman in (sort of) need. "Let me help you," he offers, crouching on one knee to her right to paw at the papers, trying his best not to crumple the important documents. "Here I thought you knew all there was to know about gravity, huh."

Someone doesn't get papers. Someone gets coffee. Still. That someone is Elliot who, expertly balancing two trays in each hand and carrying a big paper bag between his teeth, has just pushed open the door to the wonderful world of detectives-at-desks. Earbuds make it a little difficult to hear what's going on, and the bag makes it a bit difficult to see what's going on — which is all the more unfortunate because there are papers right in his path. And he's not expecting to step on them. What ensues is an astounding effort in balance as man, coffee, and bagels go skidding a few inches to the left, then twist and initiate some graceless footwork that sends Elliot's back into the wall. Good news: Everyone will still get their coffee! Elliot is a hero.

… if he can scrape his ego up off the floor, that is.

With a thankful smile, Harry continues to scoop up papers and also acknowledge Kev. "Thanks, Kev." She gives an amused laugh and shakes her head. "I certainly know a lot of about gravity theoretically." On the practical matter, however, things can get tricky.

When Elliot saunters through, she winces and shifts backwards, hoping that coffee won't spill all over her precious documents and, also that no one will fall on her. After a few moments and neither of those things happen, the CSI sighs in relief and looks up. "Are you alright?" she asks the probie with a tilt of her head. It's not his ego she's worried about, so much, as his person. AFter all, she just dropped an entire stack of papers on the floor and she's not embarrassed!

Kev whips his head toward Elliot's fumble with a hand thrown out as if to keep the guy off the mess of important papers if he falls (and off of him, more importantly). The faint squint of Kev's eyes then wonders: is everyone here a little drunk today? "Can't see when you got your headphones in your ears, buddy?" he challenges Elliot's senses, but that lazy voice doesn't have much jab behind it. His little quirk of a smile is mostly good-natured. He sniffs and goes back to helping sweep the files up.

Once he's rescued a big ol' stack of these — probably — precious papers, Kev realizes he doesn't actually know where any of them go. He doesn't even try to touch the organization. They fan out in his mitt. "Uhh…" He holds them out to Harry, trying to be helpful. They flop over themselves.

The only thing worse than almost slipping and spilling coffee everywhere is the inevitable conversation that follows. It's like awkward sex that way. Giving his most tight-lipped of smiles around the bag in his mouth, Elliot carefully — oh so carefully — slides the two trays of coffee onto the most convenient nearby flat surface and reaches up to both remove the bag and one of his earbuds in time to catch the remarks from the two peanuts in the gallery. "Usually there isn't an explosion of papers on the floor," he grunts at Kev's light jab. "Meanwhile I'm fine, thank you." He eyes the Mess Formerly Known As Organized Files and arches an eyebrow. "Maybe I missed something; this is ACRU, right? Not Keystone?"

At Kev's good-natured file pass (flopping papers and all) Harry grins and takes them. They're all mish-mashed now and she'll just have to redo them. It's not Kev's fault, it's her own. "Thanks," she says again. Piling them all up again, she scoops and then deposits them on a table almost right next to where Elliot rests his coffee. Spreading them out she already starts to quickly sort them into a multitude of different stacks. One for each case. "Keystone?" Harry asks absently, not getting Elliot's jab. "As in the Keystone State? Pennsylvania? I don't think so. Not last I checked. Unless there's someone with an ability to move entire states. Or maybe entire cities. Or, even just this building. That would be quite the power, wouldn't it? It could rearrange maps! Next you know, Madrid is in Mongolia and no one knows where anything is any more."

<C.H.A.R.L.I.E.> Code 11. Possible 207 in progress on Sunset. Eagle Team on standby.

Kev completely misses Elliot's meaning. He stands up, brushing his hands on his tenuously professional-looking dark jeans (they go with his pink shirt). He then goes onto completely miss all of Harry's meaning, too. Since when is Madrid in Mongolia? He squints, waits, and taps the side of his head as he looks to Elliot. "Eyes and ears," he offers along. "Ramsay's got this whole thing with bein' in sync, man, ready for anything in this biz. You better get on that before he gets on you," he says and, under the humorous tone of teasing the probie a little, is some advice. Maybe even well-meaning. Instincively, he glances down at the little buzzing radio at his belt, glances toward the sound of activity deeper within ACRU where Eagle Team is no doubt bustling to be at the ready.

Elliot can only stare at the other two as his joke goes sailing right on by. "Keystone. As in Keystone Kops. The old— " But then he decides against trying to explain, instead shaking his head and muttering something under his breath. Kev's advice is met with another tight smile. "Yeah. Thanks. I got it." Removing the other earbud, he turns to pick up his coffees and the bag again, pauses at the sound of the radio as though calculating just how many of those coffees are supposed to go to some of the guys in Eagle Team.

Eagle Team? What? Harry's ears perk and her head tilts only slightly as she listens, but her attention remains focused on the papers in front of her. She's not Eagle team and unless they need a clean up, she most likely won't even need to be involved in whatever is happening. One paper, two paper, red paper, blue paper. That's what she's thinking as she places one paper on top of another to make a proper stack.

"Oh?" The brunette is listening ot Elliot and in fact reaches over absently and plucks a coffee off of the tray on the desk next to her. "Thanks, Elliot. I was dying for some caffeine. Probably why I'm all off balance. Have you been trying to keep in sync, Kev? I'm not even quite sure what that means."

"Yeah, it's part of the training regimen," Kev replies easily, "It's all about bein' focused — gotta keep in … full capacity of all senses," he's clearly quoting from memory, "you know, like. So you don't get overwhelmed out in the field. Ramsay says it's especially important for some've us so we don't go nut-bar with our powers," he's clearly stopped quoting from memory. He reaches up and scratches the back of his head, skewing the already mussed dark hair, furrowing his brow a little — not enough to mar his casual attitude, but he is regretting nut-bar a little, given Ramsay runs him particularly hard about keeping in sync.

<C.H.A.R.L.I.E.> Code 11. 207A. Hostage still… onsite. Dispatch Eagle Team. Sunset and Rexford. Ability confirmed.

<C.H.A.R.L.I.E.> Someone who sounds like Valerie says, "Eagle 1, copy. Cole, Eagle 2. Race is 3, with King 4. Stick to our lovely talking points. Let's make our captains proud."

When that coffee cup is snatched, Elliot opens his mouth as though to protest — that's his — but then, oddly, he decides to just let it be. It's not like he needed caffeine today anyway, right? Right. "Sure thing." There's even a genuine smile! The mention of Ramsay causes the probie to glance subtly about the place, as though the captain has the ability to appear at the mention of his name. Nope, it's all good. Elliot smirks a bit. "I don't think 'nut-bar' was his exact phrasing— " and he trails off when the radio chatter starts heating up.

"You know, nut bars are quite filled with proteins and are quite good for you. I've run the tests." Harry glances up and gives Kev a warm smile to show that she has his back should Ramsay magically appear behind them in order to give them the Disappointed Stare of Worse Than Death. Even when she knows full well should that happen she would leave her papers exactly where they are and walk as fast away as she could from the situation as fast as possible. She could make new papers! All day if she had to! "Though, I do agree, it's a good thing to practice and be fully aware of yourself."

Taking a long drink from the coffe, she gasps and pulls it back nearly spilling some of it. Hot! With a sheepish smile, she just places it down on the desk again. "Some of us might need more practice at it than others." That someone being her, of course.

Kev takes a moment to let the radio transmissions pass, turning sober throughout, giving Valerie and the Eagle Team the respect they deserve before he keeps on keeping up. "Nah," he agrees with Elliot, "it was more like— " He cracks a smile which hangs open for a few seconds as he eagerly summons up the right words, so amused that it delays him actually getting it out. Despite Harry's helpfully watchful eye, he suddenly swings a look over his shoulder anyway. No Captain. Maybe he needs more of that training, too. "I swore he was gonna be there." And yet … as he turns back— "Aw, shit, man, now I forget what I was gonna say."

He runs his hand all the way through his hair from the back. "Anyway, hey uh," he gives Harry an acknowledging lift of his scruffed chin, sincerely — if a bit uncertainly — telling her, "I can give you some training in the gym, if you want."

<C.H.A.R.L.I.E.> Subject tall… middle-aged. European. Extreme anger.


Only half-listening, most of his focus being on the radio, it takes Elliot a moment to even realize what's been said. Then his eyebrow goes uuuuuup, gaze shifting between the other two people in his vicinity, and then he smiiiiles. Oh. He sees what is going on here. He busies himself checking his phone to hide his smirk.

What is going on here? Harry actually has no idea what Elliot is implying. Or, well, thought implying. Which might be the same thing. The eyebrows he raises are missed completely. "Oh?" Harry glances up from the files, most of them filed safely away. They, luckily, did not do a lot of reshuffling when they took their tumble. "That might be helpful. I'm not normally out with any team. Normally my works done after everything else has been dealt with. But, it would be good! Just in case, you know?"

Kev eyes his radio with a briefly, easily missable, flicker of fret. Extreme anger, huh. With Elliot's assumption going past him, he nods leisurely along with Harry. At her interest in the concept, his smile perks up at one corner. "Yeah," he agrees without elaborating. What she said. "Got plenty've free time after shifts, or whatever, you could step outta the lab while we're in training. Happy ta help."

"That's Kev: He's a really helpful kinda guy," Elliot chips in with a beaming smile. He may be an asshole, but he at least isn't enough of an asshole to mock a man in the presence of a lady he fancies. Pocketing his phone again, he leans back against the wall and folds his arms across his chest. Everyone else can wait on their coffee, he is Entertained.

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