This Oath and This Covenant

"Paging Officer Carter to the Cedar-Sinai East Tower."

"Detective Sloan, could you meet with Officer Carter at Cedar-Sinai? We're getting reports of possible illegal activity in the wards. Tread lightly."

Cedar-Sinai East Tower

April 28th, 10:30 PM



The drive to the hospital had been all pomp and circumstance. The lights and sirens of the squad car had made a spectacle of the journey. But then, it had also amped Jack's senses. In many respects, the adrenaline that surges through her body has her moving on automatic.

She steps out of the car and locks it up before radioing, "Unit 39 arrived." Her eyes turn about the front of the hospital where she's parked as she silently assesses the situation. Her hands move to her weapon, but she leaves it holstered for the time being as she contemplates the situation.

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