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Leena's Bed & Breakfast, Univille, South Dakota

"Best quote"

In what is now the warm light of the entryway downstairs, Myka, Pete, and Jane are still reeling from being shoved past by a very harried Artie just moments ago, who tried to tell them something but it only came out as a series of annoyed sputters and a never-minding wave of his hands.

It's not a confusion that lasts particularly long, given— well, it's Artie— but the state of intensity floating about what with the recent Warehouse not-explosion and Steve suddenly being alive has Myka, at least, blinking in concern.

In a hushed voice, Jane's begun to explain that Steve's revival via the metronome was okayed by the Regents. It's a shock to take in — especially without pie, for Pete, who is sure to notice the distinct lack fresh baking wafting through the B&B. Also, a distinct lack of Leena.

Hearing footsteps on the stairs again, Myka's attention flip-flops this way and that. "Artie— "

"All hands on deck!" he replies in a huff that's half because of his determined rushing up and down stairs and half because he's just huffy, barely looking at anything except the front door (and especially not Jane). He's bound and determined to march right back through without pause, shooing everybody out of their loitering. Miraculously alive Steve, what miraculously alive Steve? "There's something— unusual going on with some of the readings at the Warehouse, we all need to be looking for the source— you wouldn't believe!— the malfunctions just within the past hour!— Leena's been working all day— come! Come!"

Loitering? Pete doesn't loiter. He just kind of hangs around until he's found something to play with that he shouldn't be. Or he gets told to do something. Or he just kind of floats along through life without too much to worry about unti— okay, so maybe he's loitering just a little.

"Hey, look, whatever's going on it's not my fault this time. I was fighting zombie fishermen with Myka. So I didn't touch anything." Pete is already on the playful defensive mode, his hands up in front of his body in honest to goodness innocence that stems from a guilty conscience of perhaps touching things prior to the ping that sent them to Kentucky in the first place.

“What’s wrong with the Warehouse— ?” Myka dutifully hurries after Artie, even though what she’d really like is to have five seconds to herself after so much travelling (and being in confined spaces with Pete) — the Warehouse comes first.

Her attempt at making sense of Artie’s rambling, however, only earns her his irritation. “That’s what we need to find out! “ he replies in the distinct tone of ’does nobody ever listen to me?!’
Myka holds her hands up to prove her intended innocence; it does nothing; he’s already out the door. She exchanges a wide-eyed Artie is in a mood look with Pete, but it halts just short of full-on eye-rolling. Artie has his reasons. It’s clearly been a day full of intense gravitas while they were gone.
They trail after him; all but Jane, who slips quietly away further into the B&B.

Out front, Artie goes on after all— “The expansion joints are—ahhh— " Perhaps not. "We need to hurry.”

Claudia's attempts to find Steve are unsuccessful. She can only assume that means he wants to be alone. Either that or she isn't looking hard enough. Maybe she should scour the town. Wrapping her arms around herself, the hacker moves toward the front door. Seeing Pete, Myka and Artie all gathered, she asks softly, "Did you guys see Steve go by?" It's possible he ran past them and refused to stop. It would make her feel a bit better if they'd seen him. She knows she's supposed to head to the Warehouse, but if they're all still at Leena's, it must not be quite so dire as Artie has made it out to be.

Artie is certainly of the notion that it's entirely sure, bustling down the driveway with the slightly confused Warehouse agents trailing behind him. We're it up to Artie and not completely dangerous, there would be a door from Leena's directly to the Warehouse to cut down on this travel time. 

He flings a look over his shoulder, Claudia's voice managing to get through his harried momentum. He does not, however, stop to think before he speaks. "You lost him already?!"

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